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I can’t tell you enough how grateful we were for the extremely professional, respectful and compassionate care Dr. Emilea gave us. It was difficult to contemplate taking this step, but the declining health in our dog was clear, and from prior experiences with other pets, we’d seen how terrible those last days can become without stepping in to help avoid some of that suffering. Admittedly, I was at first concerned at the price, but afterwards, I felt every penny was justified to have all of our worries, along with our dog’s pain, so thoughtfully and thoroughly taken care of.
Jon S.

I could not have asked for a better way for my pup to go. Dr. Emilea Took such good care of him and made the experience much easier. He got to meet one last new friend and pass very peacefully. Thank you.

Griffyn S.

Your kindness and compassion meant the world to us. Thank you so much! 

Linda M.

Thank you, this was the best experience I could have asked for with Dr. Emilea. I appreciate the service, especially with less than 24 hour notice. 

Emily D.

They were amazing and so patient with us.

Kelly C.

This was a hard emotional decision and you were all caring and compassionate. So respectful and patient. Thank you.

Carri B.

It has been since August 12th, 2023, that my ShyAnn has been gone. Dealing with the grief has been extremely hard for me.

Western Skies made something so unbearable a much better experience than I  thought it could possibly be.

I called and spoke to Emily who helped me more than she’ll ever know. Emily helped me realize all these feelings were normal. I read somewhere that our pets will do their best to hide their pain from us out of their love for us. That’s when I finally made an appointment for Dr. Lisa to come to our home.

It was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. Dr. Lisa made this dreaded experience so much more bearable than I anticipated. She explained in depth what she would be doing and how ShyAnn would respond to each step. I never felt rushed to move quickly and that made all the difference in the world to me.

ShyAnn is gone now but I know she went in love. I appreciate Dr. Lisa’s kindness and compassion that helped me get though that horrible day.

Dr. Lisa and her staff are so kind and knowledgeable I would thoroughly  recommend them to anyone that needs a loving send off for their pets.

My best friend, ShyAnn, is no longer here but I will never forget her. I know that her passing was the easiest for her with Dr Lisa Burnett at her side.

I love you, ShyAnn.

Teena G

I’m endlessly thankful for the compassionate care that Dr. Lisa and Karlee provided for my senior cat. Saying goodbye to a pet is never easy, but they made the experience peaceful and comforting. I couldn’t have asked for a better team. It is clear that Western Skies deeply cares about people and animals. Thank you so much for going the extra mile!

Martha K

The best send off I could have imagined for my baby. I’m thankful for the compassion that was shown on such a horrible day.

Ry and Tay

It’s not quite been two days ago that we had to let our sweet girl Maggie go. It was a hard call to make Friday morning. I was nervous and trying not to cry when Manda picked up. She was calm and caring. I knew Maggie probably wouldn’t make it through the night let alone the weekend and I was hoping we could bring her peace that day. Manda was able to set an appointment with Dr. Lisa that afternoon. So, thank you Manda.

Dr. Lisa, it was a great pleasure meeting you and having you here with us and Maggie. You’re kind, caring and compassionate. We appreciate the time you took with Maggie and with us explaining the process and what would happen. We were so glad she was able to go peacefully at home with us.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Diana M.

We were able to get a same day appointment with Dr. Lisa to put down our beloved Siamese cat, Joey. She came at the end of the day and spent all the time we needed with him. She was very compassionate and kind with him and us. The little touches she provided helped us. It was so hard but she helped us get through the event. I would highly recommend Dr. Lisa.

Julie P.

Western Skies team provided a very professional and compassionate service with our in home euthanasia. I would highly recommend them. It drastically reduces the anxiety of this process of pet ownership. Thank you Western Skies for helping my family.
Gigi W.

It’s taken me a couple weeks before I could gather my thoughts without crying but I think I’ll probably cry anyway

..emotions are still raw. George was a special boy. Although he was to be the one rescued it ended up being a mutual rescue. See we had just lost our 2 dogs within a month of each other, and we were pretty depressed. George was a really happy dog. And that happiness was contagious. During the fire evacuation in 20 he fell a few times off the ramp getting into the truck and tire his ACL. It was repaired but he developed Larangeal paralysis. We knew it was difficult for him to get around and I know we should have done it sooner but George never complained and all he wanted to do was be by us. Which made it all the harder. When Lisa came that morning George was as alert as always. He laid on the floor with his head in my lap. He went out eating all the chocolate kisses he wanted and slowly drifted off to sleep snoring as he slept and finally crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. It’s never easy but Lisa was very understanding and we never felt rushed. God gives us all special talents but hers calming presence made all the difference that day.The paw print and the bubbles are special treasures we will always have for our remembrance of “George the Dog”. Oliver his little brother even sleeps in George’s d spot..So thank you Dr. Lisa you made all the difference that day with your calming presence.

Kathy, Gary & Oliver

Compassionate care at home when you need it.

Kelly E.

Dr. Lisa Burnett and her team were wonderful. From the first contact, to her in home services, to the kind and thoughtful cards we received afterwards. It was a peaceful experience. Putting a furry family member down is never an easy decision, but Dr. Lisa was kind, gentle, compassionate and patient. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking such wonderful care of our Doogie boy.

Brittany E.

Western Skies is kind caring and compassionate! Thankful for them!
Kay H.

Can’t recommend Western Skies enough. Made this difficult process as comfortable as it could possibly be. Very receptive and transparent with services and pricing. They seem to really care about the important work they do.


Eric L.

I wish I could give Western Skies and Dr. Lisa more than 5 stars. We recently had to euthanize my mom’s elderly doodle and the experience was SO much better than either of us has had in the past with previous dogs. She is a wonderful person who made the transition for Carmie peaceful and painless. Highly, highly recommended. Thank you so much, Dr. Lisa and Western Skies!
Ellen B.

I cannot express my gratitude enough!! I had to make the hardest decision to let my baby go. My Bleu was only 8, but unfortunately got bone cancer. She lived over a year with it, I think because she didn’t want to leave me and honestly I never wanted her too pass. She was such a trooper and endured much pain without a whimper to be with me, but I couldn’t allow her to do that anymore. Dr. Lisa created the most incredible end of life experience I have been a part of..no she wasn’t the first for us, but the most wonderful. She has so much love in her for her patients, even if she just met them! I was unable to connect with our regular vet to come to our home to help us say goodbye…saying that I am glad that I had to find someone else to help…Dr. Lisa was the BEST choice. We told stories and we all cried and laughed together which made it much easier. THANK YOU SO MUCH DR. LISA!
Lani T.

Dr. Lisa was absolutely amazing, having to put our sweet Apollo down was a very difficult decision but Lisa was so sweet. she walked us through the whole process. She went above and beyond for us. I couldn’t be more thankful for her compassion and kindness.
Ethan B.

Lisa and her staff have been there for us twice now…both of which were unexpected and therefore last minute. I’m sure we kept her longer than she anticipated, both times, with stories of how epic the lives our fur babies had led were. Thank you for everything, y’all made a seemingly impossible event manageable, what you do on a daily basis is something very few in this world could and/or would, thank you! – Chris H.

Western Skies helped me say goodbye to my 18- (or maybe 19-) year-old cat Riley. The home visit itself was as nice as an otherwise devastatingly sad occasion could be. And things before and after rounded everything out to be a wonderfully supportive experience. Dr. Burnett was so kind and professional at my home, and gave Riley and I as much time as we needed. As we waited for a sedative to take effect, she even allowed herself to tear up for a minute, showing how much she cares about her patients and the people who love them. When she took Riley’s body away, she gently swaddled him in a blanket and then placed him in a little basket. Even in death, she showed the utmost respect for Riley and I. I should also praise Manda, the Client Care Coordinator. As the initial point of contact with Western Skies, I’m sure she’s used to families that are distraught and indecisive (even I rescheduled my visit twice), but she was always sympathetic and accommodating. With the resources provided on the website, and others that I received afterwards, I couldn’t have asked for anything more. I’m so thankful that Western Skies was able to help us, and I highly recommend them.

Kevin O.

I dont really do reviews. But I had to with this place. I have never felt more care, love, and empathy as I had with them in the hardest of moments. Dr Lisa Burnett was so sweet and careing as we had to let my 8 year old cat go. And everything they do for you after your pet has past was way beyond anything I could have ever imagined. Thank you so much and I know Milo was will taken care of even after his passing. – Jessica B.

Jessica B.

From the very first phone call to the drive away, the process of letting my little Boo go was handled with compassion, softness, and dignity.

Dr. Lisa is a compassionate, kind, caring soul. Having only met her in one of the worst moments of my life, I instantly felt comfortable with her. I had called on a the weekend for an urgent appointment as my little guy had deteriorated quickly and was suffering. My hope was to not have to put him in the car and have his last memories be filled with anxiety and stress since he had severe car anxiety. Western Skies were able to get us a same day appointment on Saturday. It should be noted that Amanda who answered my phone call is amazing as well. The soft tone, and patience she showed as I sobbed my way through her questions was so much appreciated.

Dr. Lisa took her time with us, she never rushed the process or made us feel like we were talking too long to say goodbye. She was incredibly comforting; taking time to talk to Boo and reassuring us along the way. She was very gentle with our other dog who was very curious and protective. I was able to hold my little guy while he left this physical world, comforting him and saying my goodbyes over and over; something I’ve never been able to do in an office setting.

While I would do anything to change the reason why I had to contact Western Skies, I’m comforted in knowing that he was able to pass at home and his passing was handled by an individual who cared and didn’t see us as just another set of patients to get through.

In writing this review, I hope it brings you comfort in making the decision when choosing Dr. Lisa and Western Skies. While I know there are no words that will ease the pain of having to make this hard decision I do believe that Dr. Lisa is the one you want by your side guiding you and your pet through this process.

Jessica M.

It’s hard to put into words how special Dr. Lisa made this experience. Something that is often traumatic and horrible was peaceful and more pleasant than I thought possible. If you are at all considering at home euthanasia I would 100% recommend Western Skies. Thank you Dr. Lisa.
Sarah R.

Tonka was too young and her debilitating illness was devastating for us to watch progress. Dr. Lisa brought peace, calm, closure, and honor to a horrible situation. She provided our family the space to say goodbye and share loving gratitude with Tonka before the end, all in the calm breezy shadows of our backyard, where she was always happy. Thank you, Dr. Lisa and Manda, for your kindness and grace.
Sara B.

Tonka was too young and her debilitating illness was devastating for us to watch progress. Dr. Lisa brought peace, calm, closure, and honor to a horrible situation. She provided our family the space to say goodbye and share loving gratitude with Tonka before the end, all in the calm breezy shadows of our backyard, where she was always happy. Thank you, Dr. Lisa and Manda, for your kindness and grace.
Sara B.

I highly recommend Western Skies for their euthanasia services. They definitely deserve more than 5 stars for the very professional and caring service that Dr. Lisa provides. Dr. Lisa has a gift for walking into an incredibly difficult situation and helping to make into the best possible scenario for BOTH the animal and the family involved. She gave me all the time that I needed to say my final goodbyes and to explain how the whole process would work and what to expect. I will be forever grateful for the compassion and assistance that Dr. Lisa provided in putting my cat, Cody, down in such a peaceful, loving, and comforting way.
JoAnn P.

We called Dr. Burnett several weeks ago when it became apparent that our lovely dog, Ruby, needed to be put down that day. (She had deteriorated very quickly.) Despite the weather being snowy and icy, Dr. Burnett came to our house. She was incredibly caring and gentle with our Ruby. She was so kind to my husband and me. She gave us time alone with Ruby so we could say our goodbyes before she administered the final dose. We had never met Dr. Burnett before yet she was amazingly sympathetic to us and our remaining dog, Riley. Afterwards, she sent us the most amazing sympathy card I have ever received–including after my parents died. Today, I received a card stating that she had donated to The Arbor Day Foundation in memory of Ruby. A tree is being planted in Superior National Forest in Ruby’s name. I would highly recommend Dr. Burnett for end of life services. It just doesn’t get any better than the services she provided to us. We’ll be forever grateful to her.

Jane B Testimonial

Jane B.

Dr. Lisa helped our sweet Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Cooper, cross the rainbow bridge. She was professional and kind, and let us cuddle our boy for a while to say goodbye. She walked us through the process, gave us a hair clipping and paw print to remember him by, and even left the house for a bit when it was done so we could grieve together as a family. This was a very hard process, but her service and her kindness made it a lot easier. After a few days, we received a handwritten note and she even donated a tree in Cooper’s honor. We ended up purchasing a nice box and pendant to keep his ashes in after his aquamation and they were very well made and so nice to honor our little boy. We would definitely recommend.

Amanda M testimonial

Amanda M.

It was difficult to make the call, but Manda answered the phone and was so kind and caring in setting up the appointment for our dear Kolbie. Dr. Lisa was so compassionate and patient. She never rushed anything. She took the time to explain the process and allowed us all the time we needed. Kolbie left us in a very peaceful and loving way. It made this very terrible day a little less terrible.

Amanda J Testimonial

Amanda J.

We highly recommend Dr. Lisa Burnett and her Western Skies service. She is an exceptional veterinarian and has incredible compassion and kindness. Dr. Lisa helped us say goodbye to our beloved 14-year-old dog peacefully and with such dignity. CSU vet hospital had just diagnosed our dog with cancer, and they offered us a list of “at-home euthanasia services we may need someday”. The need for such a service arrived much quicker than we had hoped, and it was frustrating to call many of the companies listed only to be asked to leave a voicemail. BUT, one of the listed services was Western Skies, who has a real person, (a very kind real person), answering the phone, and they were able to arrange for Dr. Lisa to drive the long distance to our home on short notice. She arrived when she said she would be here, and she greeted our dog with a gentle smile as she explained everything. She was not in a hurry, and gave us lots of time for questions, to tell funny stories about our dog, and to say final goodbyes. We have already recommended Dr. Lisa Burnett to our friends with older dogs, and we have sung her praises to the clinic @ CSU. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Our family was recently faced with the decision to put our 11-year-old boxer, Katie, to rest. I am so grateful for Dr. Lisa and her services to allow us to keep our sweet girl comfortable at home for her last moments. Dr. Lisa was absolutely wonderful throughout the whole process. Not only professional but so kind, caring, and compassionate, as well.
Kristin D.

The decision to say goodbye to a pet is one of the most heart-wrenching things a family can face. When we came to the difficult decision that it was time to help our cat pass on, we decided to choose in-home euthanasia with Western Skies. Words cannot even express how grateful we are to Dr. Burnett for her kindness, compassion, and empathy she showed to us. We sat in the backyard under the beautiful morning sunshine with our cat while Dr. Burnett talked us through each step of the euthanasia process. Within minutes, our sweet boy relaxed, and we could feel the pain leaving his body. Dr. Burnett gave us plenty of time by ourselves to say our final farewells before helping him cross the bridge. She sat quietly with us, sharing in this emotional moment with such calm compassion. She took his paw print for us to have as a memorial, and we opted for cremation, which she arranged and transported our cat’s body to as well. A week or two later, we also received a card letting us know that a donation had been made to the Arbor Day Foundation in honor of our cat, and a tree had been planted in Klamath National Forest to serve as a lasting tribute to his memory. For anyone considering in-home vs. clinical euthanasia, I cannot recommend Western Skies enough. It’s hard to even imagine having to say goodbye to our pet in a sterile, clinical setting where he would have been scared and anxious in his final moments. Instead, we were able to help our cat die peacefully and comfortably in his own surroundings with us by his side. Dr. Burnett is a true angel, and we are forever grateful to her!
Allison V.

Dr. Lisa was absolutely amazing! She was extremely thoughtful through the who process. Setting up the appointment was easy. We were able to get a same day appointment. I recommend this company to everyone.
Vannessa U.

Dr. Lisa was incredibly kind and loving not only to our sweet boy that she was there to help but to us and our other pets. She made everyone comfortable (our pets could sense her calm and loving demeanor) and went above and beyond to make sure we were all taken care of on that day and afterward. Thank you, Dr. Lisa, for all you do to take care of beloved pets and their people. ❤️
Ellen B.

Lisa was wonderful during a very difficult time. Very thankful.
Lisa E.

Lisa was very kind and made everything go smoothly.
Marrisa H.

We are very thankful for these people!! They were able to accommodate us in a very emotional time and made sure our Bo dog was at peace!! Thank you so very much!

Nikki H.

We couldn’t have asked for a more compassionate and respectful process. Truly an angel in disguise came and helped us on one of the most difficult days we have endured -during of our loss of sweet Bella! Thank you! The best decision we have made was choosing this business and vet.

P. Elrod

Your care for Zoe, and for us, her family, were of great comfort on her final day. We are touched by your thoughtfulness and compassion and have reflected back on your words many times since. The comfort you provided that day continues even now. It made us smile to know about the new tree in her honor in the Pike-San Isabel forest. Thank you for your kindness and care.
Tom and Cheryl S.

We are forever grateful to Dr. Lisa Burnett with Western Skies End-of-Life Veterinary Care for helping us make Widget’s crossing over the Rainbow Bridge truly reflect her very essence. Dr. Lisa was so professional, compassionate, humane, and went the extra mile for us and our 18-year-old pup. Every detail was attended to, every communication from her and her staff gentle, and the entire process smooth and gracious. We are eternally appreciative of Dr. Lisa and highly recommend should you ever be in need.
Courtney E.

Thank you Dr. Lisa for making time after hours for my sweet Bear. Your compassion and thoughtfulness made a tough time so much easier.

Lynn R.

Having to make the decision to euthanize our sweet dog was so difficult. Dr. Lisa Burnett made the actual euthanasia so sweet. She was available that very afternoon, arrived when she said she would, and then spent well over an hour letting my two young daughters tell her all their favorite things about Snowman. She really took the time to get to know Snowman and our family. Her caring and compassion and patience made a potentially traumatic event instead into something peaceful. I would highly recommend her for anyone needing this sad service. She is an angel.

Thank-you Dr. Lisa Burnett for coming to my house at relatively short notice (March 1st, 2021) to make Monty-cat’s last moments a very peaceful transition. I have had so many pets in my 73 years of life and have worked around farm animals. There could be no gentler way of death. I have been through the euthanasia experience with many of my cats, two dogs, and goats. It is never easy for us humans, and I suppose we often doubt we are making the choice at the right time (even when our cat might be 18-21 years old). Monty was only 15 and loved by so many people (he worked in my bookstore seven years). Dr. Burnett was great and emotionally supportive throughout.
Cynthia M.

On Friday morning, I received a text from my dad that his sweet boy, Teddy, had declined further from a back injury and he’d decided it was time to put him down. Teddy’s back had a disk injury that first occurred in January and he had been in severe pain much of the last few months. I told my dad that I would make the arrangements. You cannot go into a vets office right now, and my dad thought he would have to say goodbye and let me take him in. If you knew my dad and Teddy, you know the relationship between them was incredible. That dog had been his constaint companion for just shy of 12 years. There was no way I was going to take Teddy away for his final breath without my dad holding him. I was referred by Home to Heaven to Western Skies End of Life Veterinary out of Windsor to Dr. Lisa and she was absolutely amazing, with Teddy and with my dad, whose heart was breaking having to say goodbye to his beloved Teddy. During these crazy times, it was a true blessing my dad could hold Teddy as we helped him cross the rainbow bridge. Thank you Western Skies for treating my dad and Teddy with such dignity.
Cheryl G.

Dr. Lisa is a WONDERFUL and COMPASSIONATE vet. She is a professional yet caring individual and gives you all the time you NEED TO say goodbye to your best friend. She is prompt and was able to explain everything. Very reasonable and I’d recommend Dr. Lisa to others in the same sad situation. ABSOLUTELY the BEST!
Kathy L.

Lisa was our angel during an extremely difficult time. Our Eva gave us the awaited signal that she was ready to move on to her next journey and Lisa made time for us on very short notice. Even with COVID she made it comfortable, peaceful and personal. She gave us time, space and was so very gentle. Letting go of Eva was very difficult but we know that it absolutely was the best gift we could give her.
I will keep Lisa’s contact info with me forever because I will use her services again should the need arise.
Sherrie M.

Dr. Lisa Burnett was so kind and loving during the difficult time of Chase’s end of life moments. She also made all the arrangements for the aquamation to ease my burden. I cannot recommend Dr. Burnett and Western Skies highly enough. They make a difficult time easier for you and your family pet. She even donated a tree through the Arbor Day Foundation in Chase’s memory. That is truly going the extra mile to commemorate your special family member. Thank you so much.
Reg C.

Very understanding compassionate, thoughtful! COVID-19 awareness. I couldn’t ask for anything better!
Debbie S.

Dr. Lisa Burnett provides a service of kindness at a time when people and animals are most in need. I cannot express how much I appreciated having her as a consultant and hospice doctor when my 13 yr old cat –Stinky, experienced terminal liver failure over the holidays. Her compassion to animals and their people was evident in the first phone conversation and many texts afterwards. It is difficult to make end of life decisions —trying to make the right decisions at the right time. Dr. Burnett’s professional yet gentle guidance and strength is the crutch that completed the journey with dignity for Stinky and I. Thank you again.
Pat D.

Dr. Burnett provided excellent care for my wife, myself and most of all my beloved Maverick during this very hard time. She was on time, gave us space for privacy when needed, talked us thru the process, and gave us a glass with his name on it with an LED candle inside. Nothing was rushed at all and there was not pressure to hurry up. She stayed at the crematory until they imprinted his paw in clay & communicated back to my wife, so we knew nothing got forgotten. The digital paw print is also nice and worth the extra $15. Thank-you for your help and understanding.
Mike P.

Dr. Burnett was incredibly kind and compassionate in helping our dog to transition peacefully. She was able to fit us in right away and was very respectful and professional.
Danielle H.

Thank you for your help in a very sad, upsetting time.
Teresa C.

Dr Burnett provided unmatched end of life care for our aging dog. From her responsiveness and flexibility in preparing and coordinating the event at our home to the compassion and professionalism in humanely bringing his life to an end. Following the event, Dr Burnett reached out personally to send us best wishes. She is a great resource during a hard time
Cole G.

She helped make an awful time less awful. She was very good at explaining everything and was very genuine and kind. I’m grateful that she was able to come so fast so our little boy didn’t have to suffer waiting for an appointment. He went peacefully and he wasn’t stressed or scared. Thank you, thank you for all you did!
Lakota M.

Thank you for making the experience as comforting as possible for Soco and us. It does not go unappreciated. Thank you for providing the service you do. It can’t be easy, but know it is so truly appreciated.
Soco's Family

Dr Lisa was invaluable in such a difficult time in our lives. Thank you so much.
Teresa W.

Rose was able to be transitioned in the outdoors with the birds singing and the sun shining. Dr. Emilea was very compassionate and created a very safe and pain-free environment for Rose. We can’t thank you enough!

Sheryl J.

The experience was so beautiful despite the fact that our “little man” was leaving. We couldn’t have asked for better. Dr. Emilea was so kind. Thank you so much for getting us through this.

Gretchen C.

Dr. Lisa, thank you so much for the compassionate care you gave Ophelia and for the support you gave to us.


Dr. Lisa is the absolute best. So caring and thoughtful from the very beginning to even after the end. Thank you so much you made the very hard decision for us a little bit easier. I would highly recommend Dr. Lisa.
Lindsey M

My Bloodhound Dozer was 12 years old. A longer than average life for a Bloodhound. Friday he started having seizures small at first. As the night continued they became worse. During the sleepless night, I worried about what to do. Early in the morning, I sent a text to Western skies. As soon as they were open Manda replied. I was helped quickly and easily to set up my appointment. Dr. Lisa arrived on time. Even though he was probably in a coma. She spoke to him like he was able to hear her. It helped me cope with it. After he passed and we were put on the stretcher. All the time she was talking to him as she put a pillow under his head and tucked a blanket around him. She made a very hard time bearably. I would highly recommend Western skies to anyone going through having to go through this.

Mitchell B

I had to update my review. This place helped us go through the hardest situation we’ve had to deal with recently. Price is absolutely reasonable, attention to details is flawless and the tact from everyone that works there is on point. We had a same day emergency and thankfully they were able to help us. Although there is no way that it could’ve hurt less they for sure made it manageable and made sure we felt comforted. The follow up has been amazing and I can’t thank them enough.

Our veterinarian Lisa was beyond caring and compassionate. She helped our family through a difficult time putting down a beloved family companion. Lisa spent time explaining the process each step of the way and ensured everything was as perfect as it could be. 5 stars does not do this business justice.

Lisa is amazing. She is perfect in this role and the care she takes. She was extremely caring and nice, very informative, gave us space yet knew when to come back. She was a rock when my whole family was falling apart.

She was on time she was very caring about my dog, she was quick and efficient yet not rushing the procedure at all. She was very professional.

She let my son help make the paw print.
I know I will have to do this again and I look forward to Lisa being the one to help


I recently had to put my beautiful pitbull Skye down, and it was the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make, but I am beyond thankful and blessed to have chosen Western Skies to help guide my baby home. Dr. Burnett was so kind and so gentle with us, she gave Skye the respect and dignity that she deserved. Skye never had an easy life, but in those final moments, she was at absolute peace and things couldn’t have went smoother. There were no complications and Dr. Burnett had a beautiful setup ready to take Skye to her final resting place. Later on, I received a letter from Dr. Burnett and Manda reaching out to send their condolences, and I received a letter from the Arbor Foundation letting us know that Western Skies had donated a tree in honor of my Skye. I am eternally grateful for their service and kindness.
Emmalyn S.

Dr. Lisa was amazing! She was compassionate and really put us at ease with our decision. She made the whole process peaceful and very beautiful and also put our kids at ease as well. We will miss Huckleberry but know that he is no longer suffering. Dr. Lisa exceeded our expectations by far. We were expecting someone to show up, give the shot and leave us in our grief. But that was not the case at all. She knows what a difficult decision it was for us and spent time to walk us through the whole process and made Huckleberry’s end of life a beautiful and peaceful process. Thank you Dr. Lisa.
Brian J.

Dr. Lisa Burnett was the kindest vet who helped us make such a difficult time as good as it could be. She helped our Buddy relax, and enjoy himself while he was passing over the rainbow bridge. Buddy had an aggressive lymphoma and we were lucky to have the time we had with him at the end. It became obvious that he was declining so much that it was cruel to keep him going. We were able to be with him, in his own back yard, he loved the chocolate kisses she had for him. She made his passing so peaceful, and we are forever grateful to her.

Barbara S.

This is one of the hardest decisions I have ever had to make, but the care and sympathy this team showed was unmatched. They helped make the process as painless and they could, and took every possible step to show they cared. I can not recommend them enough.

Rachel H.

Dante was nearly 19 yrs old, and couldn’t get around much anymore. He was in the late stages of kidney failure, so we had to ease his pain.
Lisa came by and was so kind, unjudging and caring, even our younger 14 yr old cat, who NEVER comes out of hiding when strangers are around–walked right up to her and demanded a head scratching! I knew right away what a kind soul she had, and animals knew it too!
I held Dante on my lap at his end of life, (his favorite place to be) so I could give him some comfort and security. He passed gently without incident and we got a little footprint in clay from his paw, and two condolence cards in the mail–one stating a tree would be planted in his memory from the Arbor Foundation that she donates too.

Very touching, respectful and efficient way of helping your loved pet cross the rainbow bridge!

Lisa L.

Our Ernie was over 14 years and had was slowly failing from presumed cancer. We didn’t wish to bring him to our vet and add undue stress and discomfort at the end of his life. We are thankful Western Skies was available to provide a peaceful at-home option. Although it was one of the most difficult phone calls to make, we were grateful Ernie could pass in his own home, in his favorite room, in comfort with his humans. Our other dogs were also able to visit his body after to understand he had passed and obtain some closure. Dr. Lisa was extremely compassionate and professional. We felt very comfortable with the entire process. Never rushed. She then took his body to a local pet cemetery/crematorium which made that process much easier during a very difficult time. We never had this option before with our other pets, so I’m grateful once again we could do this for Ernie. I can’t recommend Western Skies enough.
Ronee B.

Dr Lisa Burnett was such a blessing for us. Willow was so Loving and tender hearted. I was so worried that Willow’s last memory would be of her feeling the stinging pain of the medication. I worried for nothing. I’m forever grateful for Dr Burnett’s compassion and expertise, but most of all, I’m grateful for Dr Burnett’s beautiful GIFT of easing my beloved 15 year old Beagle, “Willow Pillow”, onto her next journey. I would recommend Dr Burnett to anyone having to make this difficult decision. If I could, I’d give her a ten star rating!

If the kindest lived the longest, Willow would have outlived us all:)


Update- 5-22: Unfortunately we are repeat customers, but this is the downside to having more than one dog. We knew we could count on Dr. Lisa to provide the same caring support when our second dog Banjo failed quickly. We know Banjo passed in the way he would have wanted- outside with dignity. Thank you again, Dr. Lisa! RIP Banjo and Olive!!

1-31: Dr. Lisa is an extremely caring person that provided the most supportive care for us and our Olive on such a terrible day.  Olive failed quicker than expected, but Dr. Lisa changed her schedule and accommodated us to ensure Olive could pass in the right environment, and at the right time. This made one of the worst days, a little easier on us, because we knew Olive was passing the way she would have wanted. We cannot thank Dr. Lisa enough and highly recommend her. She’s an incredible person!!

Alan C Testimonial

Alan C.

Although this is such a hard decision and experience, Dr. Lisa made this really amazing- the way it should be saying goodbye. Our Titus was 9 years old, wanted to be active and involved, but had degenerative myelopathy. He was dragging his back end, was frustrated he couldn’t keep up with everyone. We have a cart/doggie wheelchair but he started not having any bladder control and he had no clue incontinence was happening. We cried and laughed, we were validated and not judged for our decision. We were informed of everything, so there were no surprises. This is our 3rd pup we have had to do this with in our lifetime, and I can tell you we had peace with this, all because of Western Skies.
Robin L.

Dr Lisa Burnett performed our in home euthanasia with extreme compassion, dignity, and knowledge. We have been through numerous situations with previous pets and it’s one of the hardest yet kindest things we can offer our loved ones. Violet passed gently and peacefully. Thank you Dr Lisa.


Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making our babies comfortable on their journey home💕 We can clearly see this is your calling and you my dear are truly a blessing!

Eric & Shawna A.

Dr.Lisa Burnett can not be recommended more highly. She made the loss of our Prinus as easy as she possibly could. She took the time to explain the process and what to expect. Out beautiful cat got to pass away at home with her family. She made the arrangements for Prinus’ aquamation and took her there for us. She has been in touch several times and today we received a card letting us know that she has donated a tree in our pretty girl’s name through the Arbor Day Foundation.

Thank you very much for your caring and compassion!

Colleen T.

Our 12-year-old mastiff abruptly got very sick and wasn’t going to make it much longer. We were given a long list of at-home euthanasia services. I kept getting sent to message machine after message machine. I understand it was the day after Thanksgiving, but it was so disheartening and scary to think my pup might have to pass away at the hospital instead of at home surrounded by his family. But Amanda (or Manda, I am not sure, the day was a blur) at Western Skies answered, and she was so gentle and warm. She understood the urgency of the situation and immediately reached out to Dr. Lisa. We were able to get a same-day appointment. We are so grateful for Amanda’s help.

Dr. Lisa arrived and was so warm, gentle, and welcoming. She took her time to explain the process to us, introduce herself to our mastiff, and ask what we needed. We didn’t feel rushed through the process, and she was so supportive. She cried along with us when our boy finally let go. When she wrapped him in a soft fleece blanket before she took him away, I knew that he was in the best hands possible. The entire experience was so difficult and painful, and it was really a balm to our souls to have Dr. Lisa there to help us let go. Five stars are not enough to encompass how wonderful Western Skies is.

Kali L.

Thank you for your care and compassion. You made a very sad experience bearable. We so appreciate this service you provide so we could be at home with our dog. We are so glad our friend referred us and we will refer you, too.
Justin H.

Very compassionate. Dr. Burnett made this a beautiful way to say goodbye to a Great family pet. I recommend this service wholeheartedly. Thank you!
Charles W.

Dr. Burnett was perfect for euthanizing my sweet old cat. She was caring, calming and explained everything she would be doing along with how my cat would react. What a professional, kind veterinarian!
Liz V.

Lisa did an awesome job for us and was very kind and considerate for us and our dog …. Thank You.
Robert W.

In the toughest of tough situations, it is beyond wonderful to have a compassionate ally. Our dog had survived aggressive cancer for almost two years with good quality of life. Suddenly one night, at age 12, that shifted, and we had to decide to help him avoid what was shaping up fast to be a painful end. Fortunately, Lisa had an unexpected opening, and we are so grateful. She eased us all through the experience with grace, dignity, and comfort—many thanks.
Deborah R.

This is beyond an amazing Vet!!! I had a sweet family dog that we believe had unknown cancer. Ava wouldn’t have made it through the night without suffering terribly. She was the only vet that fit me into her schedule to lay my sweet girl to rest! The amount of education and legitimate compassion for my children that she gave was truly remarkable as this was their dog for as long as they could remember. She took such good care tucking her in a blanket after she was gone, to a paw print, then I received a card, and the final act was to donate a tree in Avas name to a Colorado national forest! I recommend Dr. Lisa to anyone that either needs routine care, or who has an emergency. She is by far the best Vet I have ever seen!!
Kelly H.

We wanted to express our thanks and appreciation to Dr. Lisa and her staff in the recent euthanasia of our beloved lab Harvest. Dr. Lisa is a compassionate, caring vet who gave us guided information through the process. We were helped immensely through this sad day by her kind efforts. We would also like to thank her for the card and remembrance paw print of Harvest and the wonderful memorial tree planting. We are so glad that we chose Western Skies.
Barb F.

Our family is very grateful for Dr. Lisa! Her extreme compassion, understanding and professionalism in helping our family say good bye to Alfie, our family pup of 17 years – in the comfort and familiarity of his home, was beyond valuable to us all. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Lisa to anyone in need of her services. Thank you Dr. Lisa for the difficult work you do, that enables our family fur-babies a peaceful and meaningful end to life.
Andrew D.

Our beautiful, sweet companion Zoe was suffering from late-stage kidney disease. We had to make the hard decision to end her life, and Dr. Burnett was there for us. It would have been terribly traumatic for Zoe to have to go to a clinic, so the option to have Dr. Burnett come to Zoe’s home to lay her to rest was a big relief. Dr. Burnett was extremely kind and professional, and Zoe was able to pass peacefully and pain-free. A true blessing. Dr. Burnett and her staff followed up with us afterward, making sure we were OK, and then sending a beautiful condolence card. I couldn’t imagine any better care when you have to say goodbye to a beloved family member.
Gray H.

Dr. Lisa is wonderful. We have used her twice now to help our fur babies cross the rainbow bridge. It’s never easy, but we felt comfort we were able to keep our babies at home with Dr. Lisa’s help. Dr. Lisa is very kind and genuinely cares. I highly recommend her service during such a difficult time.

Jessica P.

Very compassionate. Dr. Burnett made this a beautiful way to say goodbye to a Great family pet. I recommend this service wholeheartedly. Thank you!
Charlie W.

Dr. Lisa was so wonderful and allowed our sweet Molly to pass away in peace and comfort surrounded by her loving family of people and doggy sisters. I cannot recommend Western Skies highly enough. They were kind, caring, and compassionate allowing us time with our wonderful pupper. Thank you so much for giving us a beautiful goodbye to our sweet girl!💜🐶
Alexia S.

So thankful appreciative the care given to Chief.
Sandra B.

Dr. Burnett was so wonderful in the service she provided. She welcomed questions the night before, and when our dog’s condition worsened significantly overnight she came as quickly as she could that next day. She was gentle and compassionate and allowed us to hold Izzy while she passed (which other companies are not doing right now during Covid), and this was so important to us. We loved the extra touches with her gifts and cards, especially the donation made to plant a tree in Izzy’s memory. Her price is very reasonable as well. I have already recommended her to both vets who cared for our dog, and I highly recommend her now! We will definitely call on her again.
Vickie Y.

This service is the best way to honor your beloved pet at the end of this life. Our beautiful kitty Louise hated going in a crate and going in the car. When we found this service we knew it was how Louise deserved to go. So much compassion for all and no stress for your pet.
Lori R.

Caring and compassionate, thank you❤
Neeka M.

Dr. Burnett helped us make the very best of a difficult time. Thanks!

It’s not easy but Western Skies made it as comfortable as it could get. I strongly recommend their services.
Kyle F.

Dr. Lisa Burnett provided my mother and her beloved dog kind and attentive end-of-life care. My mother is elderly and I was communicating with the doctor via phone/text from another state. Burnett was patient with all of my missives and provided me comfort and reassurance. She also worked us in immediately. I highly recommend her. She is professional and comfortable to interact with as well as being on top of the vet game. Truly grateful to have connected with her and will utilize her services in the future.
Eliz K.

Dr. Burnett was kind and respectful of the dignity of my cat, and helped make the final minutes of her life peaceful. She spoke quietly so as not to alarm my senior cat. I was so thankful not to have to take my old girl to a clinic and to be able to pass gently at home. I highly recommend her service.
Marian W.

Dr. Lisa was very kind, patient and considerate with the difficult decision of putting our dog down. Our dog was very old and knowing he could rest peacefully and in the comfort of his own home/bed was immeasurable. Her procedure was catered to our dog and family. I could not have asked for a better person for the job, given the situation
Rachel K.

Very professional and extremely personable and understanding. Not in a hurry. Felt very caring. Would highly recommend.
Dale F.

I honestly cannot thank Dr. Burnett enough. We had to put down our 15 year old cat and Dr. Burnett made the whole experience so much more bearable. And the little paw print memorial is something I will treasure forever.

The women that came to the house i cant remember her name but she was awesome she was very kind and made sure to explain everything so that we understood what was going on. I highly recommend this clinic. They were really great about the process from setting the apt to the end. And then some. i felt alot better about saying good bye to my kitty because of u. Thank u btw.
Mariah D.

I had to finally see my tuxedo buddy Teddy off. A great companion and closest friend for over 18 years. Sadly, I felt I waited a little too long and had to make a disheartening decision. Teddy was determined to make it forever. I knew I needed to help him move on. Great cat. Great buddy! Lisa was very professional, kind, caring and supportive. It wasn’t the sad time I envisioned it would be. The process took about fifteen minutes. After the first shot, Teddy laid there purring comfortably. After the second, he moved his tail in approval. He didn’t feel the final shot. Thank you Dr. Burnett for making it as pleasant as could be at the time. And thanks for having a tree planted in his name. I wish I could pet it! Bye Teddy. You were the best.
Rick S.

It’s nice to know such compassionate services still exist in this crazy world…
Michael A.

Dr. Lisa Burnett is the most sincere, kind and caring vet that I have ever known. She truly is a wonderful person who loves animals. Thank you so much for all you do!

She came over within a couple hours and eased the suffering of our baby. She was kind, compassionate, and very patient with our questions. She is a wonderful person. Thanks again Lisa.
Brennan L.

Dr. Lisa Burnett came to our house with very little notice and walked us through one of the most difficult things we’ve ever done. She helped us with our dear and loyal friend in a caring and loving way, allowing our pup to pass in a calm and peaceful manner. Dr. Burnett made this difficult time much easier for all of us. She is a blessing. Thank you Dr. Lisa.
Mike E.

Dr. Lisa was wonderful from start to finish. She was caring and compassionate to both us and our baby girl. I would recommend her for this to everyone.
Frank D.

The vet came out the same night after rearranging her schedule and was the most caring and kind person ever. I will forever be thankful and grateful for such a peaceful experience for our dog. ❤️
Tiffany G.

She was an absolute angel and answer to prayers. Our 14 1/2 year old Blake woke up with seizures, and it continued all morning. We made the VERY hard decision that it was his time. After exhausting all other Vets that couldn’t care less about our sweet boy Blake and simply couldn’t fit him in their schedule, we found her. Right after we spoke with her, she was at our home in less than 40 minutes and was so nice, gentle and compassionate. She assisted him to heaven and I will always be grateful to her. Thank you so so much, our Blake is no longer suffering.

The Fisher Family

Lisa was amazing during such a difficult time. She was kind and thoughtful and showed our sweet Jake such dignity as he slept his way into heaven. She made the hardest thing we have gone through so peaceful and loving. Thank you for your compassion!
Amber D.

My family and I are so grateful for the experience Dr. Burnett provided during such a difficult time.
Her love, compassion, and professionalism toward us will never be forgotten and I will always recommend her services to anyone seeking this option.

From the bottom of all our hearts, thank you Dr. Burnett.

Sandra W.

Thank you for your compassionate service and care…
Cheyenne's Family

Western Skies was amazing, considering the circumstances. She was very patient with my kitty cat and me as well and didn’t make us feel like just another job. Thank you for your compassion.
The Holmes Family

Western Skies veterinarian Lisa Burnett helped our precious very ill boxer peacefully pass at our home. Lisa was compassionate, professional, respectful and kind throughout the whole procedure. She also helped educate our concerned four-year-old daughter on what she was doing which was a huge help. Losing our boxer was very hard but Lisa was able to help bring closure and reaffirmed that we were making the right decision.

I highly recommend Western Skies

The Holman Family

Dr. Burnette was an angel. She was very professional, and made a very difficult time better for me and my dog. My dog Marley was rescued from his suffering, with no discomfort, and that is the way it should be. I am forever grateful for her services
Jessica M.

She was wonderful, compassionate and emphatic during such a sad time. I would highly recommend to family and friends for when they face this sad and difficult decision. Thank you again!
Sharon W.

We truly appreciate Dr Lisa, her loving kindness and compassion towards our sweet Meme, as well as us all. These are not easy decisions, saying goodbye to furry family..but Dr Lisa helped us immeasurably with the process. We highly recommend Western Skies. Thank you! 🙏💕
Casandra S.

Super service. Compassion and empathy made a very difficult occasion easier. Lisa is an angel.
Diana M.

Lisa was incredible. She was compassionate and caring. She let us have our time with our sweet beautiful Anya. Even after Anya was gone, she was so respectful and caring of her. I can’t thank you enough, Lisa.
Linda S.

Dr. Lisa is very caring and compassionate.
Lynn K.

Your professionalism and bedside manner allowed us to say goodbye the way we needed to say goodbye. I appreciated you letting us know each step of the process especially since we needed the reminders as were focused on Topper. Allowing for the natural course of his brothers to join and grieve with us is immeasurable. We thank you for the peaceful service And our last moments with Topper. Forever in our hearts.
Jackie S.

Dr. Burnett came to our home to help our sweet little Aubie pass. She was so compassionate and loving, she really helped a difficult time to be much easier. I highly recommend Western Skies. Thank you for everything you did for our family! We will never forget it!
Samantha M.

Dr. Burnett came to our home to help our sweet little doggie pass. She was so compassionate and loving, it really made the whole bad situation much better. I highly recommend Dr. Burnett and Western Skies. Thank you for all you did for us!! 🐾❤️

The McDowery Family

Dr. Lisa was amazing throughout the whole process, explained everything and understood when we needed more time. She really made us feel better about the tough decision we had to make for Oscar. It went so much better than expected and was very peaceful. It was the best way for a loved one to go ❤. Thank you Dr. Lisa for helping us.
Heidi S.

We are so grateful for Dr Lisa helping us let Voodoo gracefully pass on.
Larry C.

Dr. Lisa is the best! We had an emergency with our Taya and she drove to Cheyenne last minute and made our precious dog feel comfortable and at peace. We are so grateful for her services! We will forever miss our beautiful Taya but know that she is running free and happy with her two puppies! ❤️
Marcy P.

Doctor Lisa was extremely caring and showed real love for our fur baby Lady Bird. I would recommend her services to everyone.
Frank Z.

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