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We truly appreciate Dr Lisa, her loving kindness and compassion towards our sweet Meme, as well as us all. These are not easy decisions, saying goodbye to furry family..but Dr Lisa helped us immeasurably with the process. We highly recommend Western Skies. Thank you! 🙏💕
Casandra S.

Dr Burnett provided unmatched end of life care for our aging dog. From her responsiveness and flexibility in preparing and coordinating the event at our home to the compassion and professionalism in humanely bringing his life to an end. Following the event, Dr Burnett reached out personally to send us best wishes. She is a great resource during a hard time
Cole G.

Super service. Compassion and empathy made a very difficult occasion easier. Lisa is an angel.
Diana M.

We are so grateful for Dr Lisa helping us let Voodoo gracefully pass on.
Larry C.

Lisa was incredible. She was compassionate and caring. She let us have our time with our sweet beautiful Anya. Even after Anya was gone, she was so respectful and caring of her. I can’t thank you enough, Lisa.
Linda S.

She helped make an awful time less awful. She was very good at explaining everything and was very genuine and kind. I’m grateful that she was able to come so fast so our little boy didn’t have to suffer waiting for an appointment. He went peacefully and he wasn’t stressed or scared. Thank you, thank you for all you did!
Lakota M.

Dr. Lisa is very caring and compassionate.
Lynn K.

Your professionalism and bedside manner allowed us to say goodbye the way we needed to say goodbye. I appreciated you letting us know each step of the process especially since we needed the reminders as were focused on Topper. Allowing for the natural course of his brothers to join and grieve with us is immeasurable. We thank you for the peaceful service And our last moments with Topper. Forever in our hearts.
Jackie S.

Dr. Lisa is the best! We had an emergency with our Taya and she drove to Cheyenne last minute and made our precious dog feel comfortable and at peace. We are so grateful for her services! We will forever miss our beautiful Taya but know that she is running free and happy with her two puppies! ❤️
Marcy P.

Thank you for making the experience as comforting as possible for Soco and us. It does not go unappreciated. Thank you for providing the service you do. It can’t be easy, but know it is so truly appreciated.
Soco's Family

Dr. Burnett came to our home to help our sweet little Aubie pass. She was so compassionate and loving, she really helped a difficult time to be much easier. I highly recommend Western Skies. Thank you for everything you did for our family! We will never forget it!
Samantha M.

Doctor Lisa was extremely caring and showed real love for our fur baby Lady Bird. I would recommend her services to everyone.
Frank Z.

Dr Lisa was invaluable in such a difficult time in our lives. Thank you so much.
Teresa W.

Dr. Burnett came to our home to help our sweet little doggie pass. She was so compassionate and loving, it really made the whole bad situation much better. I highly recommend Dr. Burnett and Western Skies. Thank you for all you did for us!! 🐾❤️

The McDowery Family

Western Skies veterinarian Lisa Burnett helped our precious very ill boxer peacefully pass at our home. Lisa was compassionate, professional, respectful and kind throughout the whole procedure. She also helped educate our concerned four-year-old daughter on what she was doing which was a huge help. Losing our boxer was very hard but Lisa was able to help bring closure and reaffirmed that we were making the right decision.

I highly recommend Western Skies

The Holman Family

Western Skies was amazing, considering the circumstances. She was very patient with my kitty cat and me as well and didn’t make us feel like just another job. Thank you for your compassion.
The Holmes Family

Thank you for your compassionate service and care…
Cheyenne's Family

Dr. Burnett was kind and respectful of the dignity of my cat, and helped make the final minutes of her life peaceful. She spoke quietly so as not to alarm my senior cat. I was so thankful not to have to take my old girl to a clinic and to be able to pass gently at home. I highly recommend her service.
Marian W.

Dr. Lisa was very kind, patient and considerate with the difficult decision of putting our dog down. Our dog was very old and knowing he could rest peacefully and in the comfort of his own home/bed was immeasurable. Her procedure was catered to our dog and family. I could not have asked for a better person for the job, given the situation
Rachel K.

Very professional and extremely personable and understanding. Not in a hurry. Felt very caring. Would highly recommend.
Dale F.

I honestly cannot thank Dr. Burnett enough. We had to put down our 15 year old cat and Dr. Burnett made the whole experience so much more bearable. And the little paw print memorial is something I will treasure forever.

The women that came to the house i cant remember her name but she was awesome she was very kind and made sure to explain everything so that we understood what was going on. I highly recommend this clinic. They were really great about the process from setting the apt to the end. And then some. i felt alot better about saying good bye to my kitty because of u. Thank u btw.
Mariah D.

I had to finally see my tuxedo buddy Teddy off. A great companion and closest friend for over 18 years. Sadly, I felt I waited a little too long and had to make a disheartening decision. Teddy was determined to make it forever. I knew I needed to help him move on. Great cat. Great buddy! Lisa was very professional, kind, caring and supportive. It wasn’t the sad time I envisioned it would be. The process took about fifteen minutes. After the first shot, Teddy laid there purring comfortably. After the second, he moved his tail in approval. He didn’t feel the final shot. Thank you Dr. Burnett for making it as pleasant as could be at the time. And thanks for having a tree planted in his name. I wish I could pet it! Bye Teddy. You were the best.
Rick S.

It’s nice to know such compassionate services still exist in this crazy world…
Michael A.

Dr. Lisa Burnett is the most sincere, kind and caring vet that I have ever known. She truly is a wonderful person who loves animals. Thank you so much for all you do!

She came over within a couple hours and eased the suffering of our baby. She was kind, compassionate, and very patient with our questions. She is a wonderful person. Thanks again Lisa.
Brennan L.

Dr. Lisa Burnett came to our house with very little notice and walked us through one of the most difficult things we’ve ever done. She helped us with our dear and loyal friend in a caring and loving way, allowing our pup to pass in a calm and peaceful manner. Dr. Burnett made this difficult time much easier for all of us. She is a blessing. Thank you Dr. Lisa.
Mike E.

Dr. Lisa was wonderful from start to finish. She was caring and compassionate to both us and our baby girl. I would recommend her for this to everyone.
Frank D.

The vet came out the same night after rearranging her schedule and was the most caring and kind person ever. I will forever be thankful and grateful for such a peaceful experience for our dog. ❤️
Tiffany G.

She was an absolute angel and answer to prayers. Our 14 1/2 year old Blake woke up with seizures, and it continued all morning. We made the VERY hard decision that it was his time. After exhausting all other Vets that couldn’t care less about our sweet boy Blake and simply couldn’t fit him in their schedule, we found her. Right after we spoke with her, she was at our home in less than 40 minutes and was so nice, gentle and compassionate. She assisted him to heaven and I will always be grateful to her. Thank you so so much, our Blake is no longer suffering.

The Fisher Family

Lisa was amazing during such a difficult time. She was kind and thoughtful and showed our sweet Jake such dignity as he slept his way into heaven. She made the hardest thing we have gone through so peaceful and loving. Thank you for your compassion!
Amber D.

My family and I are so grateful for the experience Dr. Burnett provided during such a difficult time.
Her love, compassion, and professionalism toward us will never be forgotten and I will always recommend her services to anyone seeking this option.

From the bottom of all our hearts, thank you Dr. Burnett.

Sandra W.

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