Body Care Options


There are a few options available for the aftercare of your pet’s body:

Home Burial

If you choose to bury your pet on your property in Colorado, there are a few guidelines that must be followed:

  • The burial property must be outside the city limits and belong to you or someone who has granted permission for the burial
  • Burial sites must be covered with a minimum of 3 feet of soil – usually requiring a site 4 feet deep
  • Burials must be at least 150 feet from any water supply sources and downgradient from any groundwater supply
  • Be aware of tree roots or buried power lines when digging
  • For a complete list of the Colorado Burial Regulations, click here
  • Don’t forget to check your local county ordinances as well

​Traditional flame-based cremation is also available as a private or communal service.

Communal cremation means the ashes will not be returned to families.

Private cremation means your pet’s ashes will be returned to you.

Families can choose between Lasting Paws and Precious Memories for cremation.

*Look at the urns from Lasting Paw to choose from here.
Please note: You may have 2 lines of engraving on the urn if desired


Aquamation (water-based cremation) is an emerging form of body care that is gentler to the environment. Also known as alkaline hydrolysis, water reduction, bio-cremation, green cremation, and flame-less cremation, Aquamation offers a more sustainable, eco-friendly alternative to traditional cremation/

Private and communal services are available using aquamation:

  • A communal aquamation means the ashes will not be returned to families
  • Private aquamation means your pet’s ashes will be returned to you
  • Private chambers reside within the machine providing a complete barrier among individual pets
  • Two container options will be available for the return of your pet’s ashes

Please visit Guardian Pet Aquamation to learn more about the aquamation process​.

Because the veterinarian will be at your home without a technician, they will require assistance in moving any pet over 30 pounds. Special arrangements can be made for large or giant breed dogs if assistance is unavailable.

Please let us know if we can assist you in making the best decision regarding body care for you and your pet.

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