In-Home Euthanasia


Compassionate in-home euthanasia

This will be the most difficult decision you will make in your pet’s life, but we can help. Often times, the emotions, stress, and anxiety can be overwhelming for a family. Many of us hope our pets will pass away peacefully on their own, but this is generally not how it happens. We at Western Skies can provide a calm and gentle passing when the time is best. Same day appointments are available.

Why choose in-home euthanasia?

Choosing in-home euthanasia allows your pet to spend their final moments in the comfort of their home surrounded by their family.

  • Pets are more comfortable in their own setting
  • Less overall stress and anxiety for you and your pet
  • Your pet can relax surrounded by their favorite blankets, toys and familiar smells
  • Your pet can spend their final moments in your arms, in their bed or in a favorite spot, be it inside or out

In-home euthanasia is also more comfortable for you, the owner.

  • No stressful car ride to the vet, no distractions of a busy hospital

  • You can relax in the privacy and comfort of your home – when you are more relaxed, your pet will be more relaxed

  • In-home euthanasia allows as many family members and other pets to attend

  • No huddling around in a small room at the vet’s office

  • You can set your own atmosphere at home with candles, pictures, music, poem readings

In-home euthanasia is personal and private.

  • You will never feel rushed or crowded
  • You will have time and space to grieve for your beloved pet
  • You don’t have to worry about transporting your pet for body care
  • If you choose to have your pet cremated, we can handle or assist in transportation arrangements to the crematorium

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