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April 2024 Memorials

Forever in our hearts!

Dexter Mikolajczak
Chase Cox
Duke Gash
Dwight Smosna
Blaze Feldhaus
Snoopy Madland
Lainey Maguire
Mountain Stallings
Dante Wegschied
Copey Brown
Dayton Monty
Ed Runnels
Nimbus Pitzele
Nellie Medrano
Rozko Hank
Roxy Feldman
Trinity Miller
Cabo Headley
Charlie SEIB
Daisy Uphold
Empress Balltrip
Smokey Robinson
Pumpkin Hobbs
Rocky Stocking
Yowlie Scowlie Rogers
Oden Thompson
Lily Kozar
Shelby Valentine Taaffe
Cookie Lou Petersen
Magnus Eary


Oh my sweet girl…we miss you so much. Thank you for loving us more then we deserved.


“How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.” – Winnie The Pooh


So this is where we part, My Friend,
and you’ll run on, around the bend,
gone from sight, but not from mind,
new pleasures there you’ll surely find.

I will go on, I’ll find the strength,
life measures quality, not its length.
One long embrace before you leave,
share one last look, before I grieve.

There are others, that much is true,
but they be they, and they aren’t you.
And I, fair, impartial, or so I thought,
will remember well all you’ve taught.

Your place I’ll hold, you will be missed,
the fur I stroked, the nose I kissed.
And as you journey to your final rest,
take with you this… I loved you best.





“Fly free Honey Bee! You brought us an unexplainable amount of happiness, purpose, and laughter when we needed it most. We are so honored to have been your fur-ever home and give you the best golden years imaginable. We will forever look back and say “Remember our first dog? Honey was the best.” We miss our Spicy Sausage, we miss your tap dancing, your snuggles, and letting you eat whipped cream from the can. Your sissy misses you licking her face to sleep and your brother misses his best forever friend. You are eternally loved! 💙


You touched alot of lives bud. You’re sure gonna have a legacy. Will meet you again my buddy. My pal. Such a special guy

Alle Phillips

Goodbye, Miss Alle girl. We love you so much! For almost 16 years you were our happiest little floofy muppet and such a good girl. Your name is the letter of each of our names because you were special to all four of us; Anna, Logan, Lance & Elizabeth. You were Lance’s shadow, he was your person. You were my little Pooky Bear and a very close sibling to our human kids. You let Anna hold and cuddle you so much. You’ve always been by our side giving us so much love, entertainment, and companionship. We’ll miss your happy morning greetings, how you had to sit up on a stool in the kit hen to be closer to us & sample the cooking or just hang out, car rides with you, your zoomies, romps in the parks, and your cute little mwuff or woo-woo-woo when talking with us. We had lots of conversations. This is a very sad time for our whole family – you touched us all. But we know you’ll find bunnies, parks to run & lay in, go for long walks again, and have all your favorite fruits and veggies to munch on. Oh, and plenty of whipped cream and all the scrambled eggs you want. We will miss you more than words can say. We love you so much Alle, and you loved us unconditionally, always.

Eddie Dean Ricker

Eddie Dean was the perfect best friend. He never met a person he didn’t like, always knew who didn’t want his attention and who needed extra attention & obliged both. He had the kindest soul and was born to spread love out into the world. So many people learned to stop judging dogs based on breed or looks because of Eddie. He will be forever missed and loved. The world is a little less bright without him.


It’s with a heavy heart to say Hoss crossed over the rainbow bridge. I loved this little guy dearly and have many cherished memories throughout his eleven years. He was a smart, loving and silly little poodle that brought happiness and laughter to kids and adults. Thank you to all my family and friends who embraced him, provided dog sitting and walks, played fetch with his “hoggy” and rubbed his belly. Hoss now roams free from pain and seizures wagging his little fluffy tail, sniffing the grass for pee-mail, and chasing the birds. It was a pleasure to be His Majesty’s servant!
Farewell Hoss the Boss in LaLaLand


Oh Hef we miss you so very much. My shadow isn’t here by my side but the love and laughs you gave us will last forever. Thank you for making our lives whole. You are in our hearts forever!!


Our sweet boy. You gave us so many beautiful memories. We were blessed to have you in our family. You will be in our hearts forever.❤️

Chloe St. Claire

You will forever be in our hearts, precious girl. We love you and miss you so much.

Elvis Enke

Ben Jammin'

Oh to be a shadow dog.
What an important thing to be.

To guide your human along this life
And really help them see.
That there is no darkness,
Just keep facing toward the light.
I’m never too far behind your heels,
As long as the sun is in sight.

Caibre Alexander Cotton (AKA Gooby)

Oh my sweet boy, you provided us with 18 wonderful years and how we miss you so. I knew you were meant to be mine the moment you crawled in my lap at 4 months old and fell asleep. You were my very first “heart dog”, so incredibly special to me. So smart and such a funny attitude. I’ll never forget how you earned your name by “caber” tossing bones across the hardwood floors. You were so vocal, barking all the time, the house is so painfully quiet now. I’m so glad that you enjoyed all the camping and Jeep rides that we did, it will not be the same without you. We wish we could have given you even more. 18 years seems like a long time but to us it’s been a blink of an eye. You were truly one of kind sweet boy. We hope that the girls were waiting for you when you left us and crossed the rainbow bridge. I pray we see you again someday. You are loved beyond measure Gooby and so deeply missed.


Barrett was always happiest when chasing balls or sticks and playing in the water!

Bella Bean

Bella bean, I know some people will say there dogs were the sweetest, but we really do mean it! You were so full of life and happy all the time. From the way you would greet us when we walked in, to the way you would screech in excitement. I remember all the embarrassing yells you made at other dogs passing by because you just wanted to say hello. The way you would paw us to get our attention to keep petting you. There are so many memories we have and can share. Me and your mom tried our best to give you a great life and do everything we could to keep you here with us. I hope you understand all that we tried to do and help you with. If there was anything we could have done to keep you in our lap forever, we would have done it. You will always be remembered and there is no other dog who could ever replace you! You’re a family member! Sleeping, walking the dogs and the park trips will never be the same without you Bella! We love you so very much and i pray we will see you again! Rest in peace Bella Bean

Memphis Boll

Stuart Davis

Copper Hamblen

He was the funniest dog ever. We are so grateful and so blessed to be the ones that got to have him. We will never forget him and always be looking in couch cushions for all the baked goods. We love you so much Copper Dog! We will see you again!


Wilbur was all in, full of joy, play, and mischief, and as an old dog, a total sweetheart. I’m so grateful he got to live out his full life, and with the kind, gentle, dignified help of Dr. Lisa, have a good death.


Skye, you have touched so many of our hearts with all the special love that you gave to us. We all loved you very dearly. You made our hearts melt when you would look at us with those big beautiful brown eyeliner eyes. You will never be forgotten and always be loved. This was the hardest decision I had to make and thanks to Dr. Lisa and Ariel, I knew this was the right decision. Dr. Lisa put our hearts at peace, so then I knew skye could be at peace with no more pain. Thank you Dr. Lisa for making skyes last minutes of her life very memorable to us to see her having a happy time at the very end. It takes a special person to do what you do. All the cards were so beautiful that you sent to us along with the tribute to planting a tree in skyes memorial. We Thank You

Tater Bear Wilson

Koda Hamel

Alley Marjoram

The love and joy you gave me will always be in my heart. I will never forget that soft fur, and those beautiful, expressive eyes, truly a window to your soul!

Tyga James

You are my sunshine, Ty. I love and miss you so much. You are my best friend and I’ll never forget you. You are a good boy, run free.


Trigger was our good boy! He was a ball chasing, people pleasing, beer fetching, bird retriever…and most of all best friend! Definitely going to be missed, can’t wait for him to come running when it’s our turn to join him!


We adopted Sammy when he was about 3 years old. What a wonderful cat he turned out to be. He was the most loving and affectionate cat we have ever had. He got along with two different large breed dogs and was our best friend.

As sad as it was to say goodbye, we could not be happier with Dr. Lisa Burnett. She made a very difficult time as pleasant as it could possibly be. She treated us and Sammy like old friends and it was obvious she did truly care about what she was doing and the impact it had on us. We will never forget how wonderful she is.


RIP December 14, 2020


Decided to lay my good ol friend to rest 11/22/2022. Tootsie was my protector, lover & friend for 15 years. I will always miss her! Till we meet again my friend… I want to say Thank You so much to Lisa for putting her at peace in life with no more suffering! 💕 Your an amazing lady for helping!


Blessings on Dr. Lisa and Western Skies for putting our dear Lucky to sleep so gently. Our hearts are broken but his is healed and he’s running in the sunshine with our other lost family dogs. Thank you!


Budrick!! She was simply the best Kitty Kat in the entire world, and I miss her all day every day and I Love her with all my Heart and Soul…

Rory & Jefferson

Best dogs in the universe and beyond.

Cowboy Ratliff

My sweetheart

Suzy Smith


Forever in our hearts.


Marty R.

When I was alone God sent you! He knew we needed each other and blessed us.
You will always be in my heart and I will always love you.


Rest in Peace our beautiful Otis. Thank you for your sweet companionship and abounding love.

Teddie A.


We love and miss you so much Gibbs. RIP sweet boy. ❤️


I’ve been struggling to write this for the longest time, I always start and cry too much to finish.

My dear, sweet Acer boy,

I feel like I lost a part of me that day. I was talking to my friend after you had passed and mentioned that it had been sunny and beautiful until you were gone and all of a sudden it was cold and grey for days. I told her that you had taken the sun with you that day. She told me that you didn’t take the sun; that you were the sun.

Twelve years ago, driving home in the pouring down rain on a very busy four-lane road, I just happened to see a tiny orange spot in the middle. I swerved into the first parking lot, and dodged traffic, just hoping I could get to this tiny thing in the road before something tragic happened. I scooped up this angry, wet 4wk old kitten and ran back to my car. Right in front of Ace Hardware, hence your name. And so your journey began.

You never played favorites with the family, you loved us all fiercely. You became best friends with a ferret. You were so loving, funny, patient, and smart. There wasn’t a person who came through the door whose lap didn’t become your favorite within a few seconds of them sitting down.

When I got sick, you were by my side through so many days in bed. Brain surgeries, radiation, many other surgeries, treatments, one after the other, and you were always in the bed with me or right on top of me. My warmth. My protector. My comfort. My best friend.

After being able to function again and knowing what I learned about taking care of you, I started to foster kittens. Hundreds of kittens have been raised with warmth, compassion, and love that I learned from you.

Twelve years, five houses, two states, and thousands of miles traveled. Dakota, Montana, Diesel, and Stormie are waiting for you even though Isis and Ozzie call for you daily.

We put your ashes on the counter in the kitchen so we can shout “Ace, get off the counter!” every once in a while. I miss you so much, my little buddy. We all do. I just hope we were worthy of the beautiful soul that you were.




Kona, my sweet boy. When you came to us at just a little over a year old with a seizure disorder and having been adopted and returned to the Humane Society once already, I wasn’t sure what our future held. One thing I did know, fate brought me to you and you became such an important member of the family. Life wasn’t easy on you and it definitely wasn’t fair but that didn’t stop you from spreading so much love and joy. I will cherish every minute that I got to spend with you and I will forever miss our naps and snuggling on the couch together. No more pain and no more suffering, only love and peace for my sweet baby Kona ♥️


Joey was the ambassador for Animal Friends Alliance and the love of our lives. He loved us and talked to us every day and loved both, David and me, in his own way. He was the best and we miss him terribly. He was the love of our lives. 😻

Simone Michael

My sadness is profound.
Even I cannot understand it.
By chance, or fate,
You became family.

That little mauve colored nose
Outlined in brown black that I loved so much.
That one peach paw.
That soft white chin.

So many adventures,
So many memories.

The vicious Mama bird chasing you,
Full speed, around the yard.
You had knocked down her nest.

The daily hunts at the
Home on the river.
You had a wild side to match
That wild cat look.

How you’d come running to lick the bowl.
Somehow knowing we had ice cream.

The alpha-catitude
That drove me to frustration at times.

The eighteen years of unconditional love.

I wanted you to live forever.
I cannot bear that you are gone.
I see you everywhere.
I want to touch your tortie fur.

I pray you are at peace.
I hope Saavy and Jasper
Were there to greet you.

I will see you to the end of my days
On the hilltop where we buried you
Under an angry Wyoming sky.

Mercy W.

You were the best protector. Your family and chickens miss you. Thank you for everything Mercy! We miss you!


Daisy Duke, you were wonderful in every way. I’m so glad you were in our lives, and wish we would have had longer with you. We will never ever forget you.

Tinker H.


Furever in our hearts…

Skippy S.


Toby H.


Sass Dudley



George the Dog K.


Jack was a mixed breed of dubious origins. At 20 pounds max weight and in his prime he managed snakes and the occasional armadillo that showed up in my mother’s Florida yard. For 18 years he enjoyed the couch, the bed and a collection of pets that he was sometime friends with. The last week of his life was spent at South Bay campground around Horsetooth Reservoir and was able to sniff out the ever present goose poop. Thank you my friend for getting me through the pandemic.


Ella H.

Thanks for choosing us as your family, Ella! We had a great 15 1/2 years with you.❤️  I hope that kitty heaven is stocked with plenty of bacon and smoked Gruyère cheese – your favorite treats. We love you and we miss you. You were the Best! Your Loving Family



Thank you Dojah, for the almost 2 decades of love and joy that you gave your family! We will love and miss you forever! Rest in paradise, my OG Dojah Cat! 💜

Creek H.

Layla E.



“Titan, he loved to talk, he loved to eat, and he loved being outside.” – Manda

Chiquita “Cheech”

Thank you for 16 years of laughs, adventure, loyalty, and unconditional love to our family. We were so lucky to have a had a love like you, Cheech. We miss you everyday. We love you so much and promise to always carry you in our hearts baby. Fly with the angels.




Go find all the best hiking spots in heaven for us 💕
Luna S

Marley H.

“Thank you, Marley, for being a part of my life and for helping me be a better me. I’ll forever love you. Until we meet again, my sweet boy…” Paulette H.
Luna S

Luna S.



“How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard”~Winnie the Pooh

Bullet Gardea

Our Bullet was the best of the best of the best. If his treat was brand new, he had to share it with us first. He would sass both of us when he had his own opinion. He brought us so much joy when we saw his face waiting in the window when we came home. We lost him the way too soon, but he will be forever in our hearts.

Zeus Kamps

Tigger Welch

Oh, my Tigger girl, you were a rescue but really you rescued us. You gifted us with over 7 wonderful years, we miss you so much and love you dearly ❤. Thanks for being such a great companion, best friend, protecting our family, and for your unconditional love.


Thank you sweet Maya girl for 15 years of love and loyalty. ❤️

Bo Cat

Hims was the best boi that loved everyone.


We love you Max Kitty. You’ll stay in our hearts forever.

Ciara Knudson

Most loyal and gentle spirit! Forever missed!


As each day passes, we miss you more than ever, but we know you are home and in good care! You and Zeus have fun, buddy, have fun!


Our sweet Sadie girl. We are so lucky to have shared the ride with you for a while. You left a mark on our hearts, and we’ll never forget you, buddy.

Cersi D.


Bumbles was the sweetest, loveable and cuddly big guy. He had an enormous amount of love to give. He was a great hunter, and a loyal and loving companion, not to just us but to scrat his life partner. She is missing her other half and keeps searching for him. Bumbles was my big boy, my baby, my tons of fun, my chuncker, and my Mr bumbles. He greeted me every morning by stepping on my bladder, making me get up to pee and love on him. He wanted all the pets. I miss how he would touch my face with his paws like he was caressing my cheeks. He greeted me at the Door every day when I arrived home. We would watch TV and cuddle to unwind. He met his daddy every day at the door then waddle to our room and lay on his spot of the bed. He would start talking up a storm and pawing at him for love. Im going to miss the head bumps, the nose bumbs. He would put my daughter to bed each night, lay with her till she fell asleep and come in to my room for his nightly cuddles. He had the best double purr in the world and it was loud. Bumbles was a rescue but it turns out the only one that was rescued was me. He adopted me and my family. He was the most incredible, amazing and most beautiful soul I’ve ever met. I learned alot from him. May you rest in peace my lover boy. You’re my world Mr bumbles. We will never forget you or stop loving you. ❤


As a companion who would never leave your side with his silent adoration. You found your war cry for love your last few years. Through our memories and experiences you will ride through time with me. Just like you still wanted to cuddle on your last day. You held on to bring the family back and me back together one more time. You’ll never be forgotten.

Pickles A.


I will never forget you. You are a big piece of my heart!!

Tucker Reffel

Tucker was such a wonderful pup. If he could find a cup of water (or mud) he was in it. A day at the dog park necessitated a trip to the bath before home. This was the happiest dog and smiled so much. – Tim Reffel.



She went quietly in the end as she never did in life. We’ll miss her dancing most of all. See ya later, Ladyface.


Beast loved with all his heart. We were his world. He will be missed, but our love for him is never ending.


Jack, I will always love and miss you. Home doesn’t feel like home without you. I loved your sweet face, playful spirit, and feistiness. I take comfort in knowing there is no more suffering and you are with Xander once again. You were truly a light in my life and I am forever grateful for the memories and love I hold until I see you again.


Freddie was always so shy. I helped him find confidence when the girls didn’t want to play with him. He was very sweet and cheerful. He had a long life filled with playing with his ball hanging out in the hammock in the back yard. I’m still getting used to my life without him. I am so grateful that I had the pleasure of knowing him and the joy of giving him a safe and playful home. He was a good boy!

Missy Lue Harris

2002-2021 My sacred receiver of energy, Noble Warrior, Fighter for love. I will carry you in my heart.


Sara, thank you so very much for allowing me to be a part of your life. You were the bestest, prettiest girl! My love for you, and how much you will be missed is immeasurable! We’ll see each other again. until then, have fun, and give Grandma a kiss for me.
Love, Dad


We will miss you our sweet, silly Bianca. You were the best girl, even if you did like to get into the trash from time to time.😋 You and your goofy, excited crooked, wiggle when you were excited will forever be missed, and we will cherish and hold close all the beautiful memories you gave us. Rest easy pretty girl.💕



Fifteen years is not long enough. We miss you so much, Jack.


We miss our girl more than words can say, she was truly our best and loyal friend!

Fannie Mae

Fannie Mae was one of the most amazing dogs. We will miss her all the days of our lives.


Boomer the Dog… a member of our family for more than 12 years. Always his own dog, but a really good dog. We love and miss him.


We all miss Lygon but cherish the time we had together. She was adventurous, sweet, and a little naughty too. Have fun on the moon, Lygs!


Sweet Lucy – a best friend – missed by her entire family.



Kuma- the prettiest pitbull girl, you effortlessly filled our hearts with life’s most priceless gifts: unconditional love, companionship, laughter, forgiveness, and joy. In remembrance of my very best friend -you are profoundly missed, and forever loved.

Keiko Clark

Zoe Schonlau

Peanut Terry

ShyAnn Gross

My heart breaks with you gone. No more pain and suffering for you my best friend. I thank God that I had your precious companionship for thirteen years. I miss you so much already…as the loneliness is overwhelming. In time, my heart will heal the emptiness I feel now. When the grief has passed and my tears have dried I will smile at all the loving years we shared and once again my heart will swell remembering your unconditional love for me.

Addy Grace

We will miss our sweet girl Addy.
Our time together was cut short. Thank you for giving us such lasting memories.


My precious Abby our friendship and love keep the beautiful memories always in my heart!

Shelby Vaughn



Our beloved rescue dog, who lived seventeen great years with us, gets to now play with his best friend Ruby in dog heaven.

Buck Irvine

Clinton Atkinson

A wise soul, who understood so much.
Your absence is felt profoundly. OX

Louie Catlin

He was a good boy!


Rebecca, My sweet girl! I rescued you and for that you blessed me with your love and helped me through some very trying times. You are greatly missed but I know you are now without pain and running, smelling all the scents of the other dogs, and rolling in the sweet green grass across the bridge!


We miss you so much it’s hurts. We hope you’re running on the beach with a ball or running through the mountains with a stick much larger than you. We hope you’re eating your weight in gummy bears, zucchini and steak. Till we see you again king king.


Forever in our Hearts! We miss you DA!


We rescued Fergie from a shelter when we was about 4 months old. Due to an injury prior to our care, he had his hind limp amputated as a pup. For over 12 years Fergie would chase squirrels like a typical dog, and most people didn’t even realize he had three legs. Fergie was a great member of our pack, and he was a goofy, playful pup. We were lucky Fergie was with us for this long. We love and miss you, and now you can run free without pain on the other side of the rainbow bridge.

Nick Peterson

Love you Nick and miss you everyday! The best boy ever.


Molly was a member of our family for 15 years. She brought laughs, love, and joy and was the absolute sweetest! We miss her dearly and she will forever be in our hearts. ❤️

Sunny Morgan

Mali Smith

See you in Heaven.


Sweet Rossco buddy I know you are reunited with your best buddy Bo. You went on many adventures traveling to rodeos and various places across the country and loved to go anytime you could. You were the toughest dog around and got into plenty of mischief. Miss you so much and will see you again! Love you Rozzy


My precious Fiona,
Seven years is too short of a time but you were not meant to go on a grand, new adventure with your sister and me. You were meant to live your life in Cheyenne. I will miss those beautiful eyes imploring me to get out of bed, feed you your special treats, or just sit down and love on you. My “fuzzy bear” I will miss the touch of all that soft hair that went everywhere. You will be forever in my heart.

Ace Kayser

I’ve been struggling to write this for the longest time, I always start and cry too much to finish.

My dear, sweet Acer boy,

I feel like I lost a part of me that day. I was talking to my friend after you had passed and mentioned that it had been sunny and beautiful until you were gone and all of a sudden it was cold and grey for days. I told her that you had taken the sun with you that day. She told me that you didn’t take the sun; that you were the sun.

Twelve years ago, driving home in the pouring down rain on a very busy four-lane road, I just happened to see a tiny orange spot in the middle. I swerved into the first parking lot, and dodged traffic, just hoping I could get to this tiny thing in the road before something tragic happened. I scooped up this angry, wet 4wk old kitten and ran back to my car. Right in front of Ace Hardware, hence your name. And so your journey began.

You never played favorites with the family, you loved us all fiercely. You became best friends with a ferret. You were so loving, funny, patient, and smart. There wasn’t a person who came through the door whose lap didn’t become your favorite within a few seconds of them sitting down.

When I got sick, you were by my side through so many days in bed. Brain surgeries, radiation, many other surgeries, treatments, one after the other, and you were always in the bed with me or right on top of me. My warmth. My protector. My comfort. My best friend.

After being able to function again and knowing what I learned about taking care of you, I started to foster kittens. Hundreds of kittens have been raised with warmth, compassion, and love that I learned from you.

Twelve years, five houses, two states, and thousands of miles traveled. Dakota, Montana, Diesel, and Stormie are waiting for you even though Isis and Ozzie call for you daily.

We put your ashes on the counter in the kitchen so we can shout “Ace, get off the counter!” every once in a while. I miss you so much, my little buddy. We all do. I just hope we were worthy of the beautiful soul that you were.



To Charlie,

My sweet Nubbin! I’m not sure how to do this life without you. When I tattooed you on my thigh I said it was so we would always walk together not fully prepared for the day that would be the only way we went walking together. Thank you for being my source of love, laughter, frustration, and stinky farts. Thank you for making me your whole world and being mine. I miss you every day but smile through the tears because I know how lucky I was that we got to love each other.

Love forever and always,





Our sweet Doogie was with us for 15 years! He was the kindest and sweetest of souls. He will be so greatly missed. We hope you’re running around with your brother. We love you with all our hearts sweet boy!


Charlie was such a beautiful boy. We loved him every day for 18 years. He was a monster as a kitten and only loved my husband. In his prime he enjoyed watching birds and peeing on laundry lol…. as he aged he became a lover. He was with me all day every day. He enjoyed gardening and eating most! We miss him terribly but are so glad he’s not hurting anymore. We love you beautiful boy. Xoxo mom and dad.



Never forget that in between Hello and Goodbye, there was love – So much love ❤️ 🐾

Maggie M.


Lucy McCaffrey


Abner Achziger

Passed on Wednesday, July 6th, 2022

Pengui B.



For 20 years you were our sweet little baby. Whenever we see a sunbeam we will think of you. We miss you Star.

Barney H.



RJ, Rick James, River Jack, Randy Johnson, Ron Jeremy to name a few aliases.
RJ, he went by many different names. He couldn’t hear any of them, but that’s okay. He was the BEST big, the silliest and absolute most dapper boy. He hated camping so much, but loved hikes and his people. Not really a dog-dog, but in his old age, he tolerated other creatures just fine. He sounded just like Scooby-Doo when impersonated and loved Scooby snacks just the same. He loved ‘love’ more than anything and would howl “I love you” in his hound dog voice, even though he wasn’t a hound dog. He is missed by so many, Linda and Dale Johnson, the group over at Avalis, us of course and everyone who’s ever met him. He died at the old age of 17, with cookies in his mouth.


“I need more time, but time can’t be borrowed.” Fitting lyrics as you passed, and truly blessed with the precious 17 years, that now seems like a flash in time, because of how much you were loved. You were my angel here on earth and I will carry your spirit and memories until I see you again. My life was brighter because of you and you were loved by so many. Thank you my sugar pup…you were the sweetest girl, especially to our new additions and you will be missed beyond measure. I fell in love with you the minute I saw you and you will always be part of my heart.- Frances G.


Bruiser was the sweetest dog I’ve had in my life. He was just so full of love. He would go into work with me and made the residents and staff smile. He would sit out front on the sidewalk just so he could get extra pets and help the neighborhood have a better day, he even liked the delivery and mail people. Bruiser also turned some cat lovers into dog lovers too. He loved going for walks and riding in the car. He loved being around anyone, especially me. He was my friend, confidant, my support dog, and a great teacher. He was a two-time rescue that came from New Orleans after Katrina, and he absolutely loved the snow. I miss him terribly and hope to see him at the rainbow bridge. Have a blast up there my sweet friend.


Dandy Venegas

My sweet boy,
You always kept us on our toes with your stubborn personality and food-driven spirit. You were a part of our lives for 19 beautiful years, and now there’s a huge hole in our family. I find myself looking for you, at your favorite places like the bathroom rug or under the Christmas tree. I miss your oversized bark and the patter of your feet.
I’m so thankfully for the years we had together, but those years flew by too fast.
Thank you for all the years of wonderful memories and unconditional love.
Rest easy sweet boy.
We will always love and miss you 💙.
I loved you your whole life. I’ll miss you for the rest of mine. – unknown

Bonnie Lindemann

Bonnie, you were my soulmate and I will love you forever. The sweetest cat I have ever known you could do no wrong. 10 years went by fast but I will always be thankful that I had you in my life. I miss you more than anything ❤️




To our bean, our baby bean, the best baby bean, our sweet potato, our fuzzy bumpkin, our little gorl. May you have the rest you deserve after 17 good years.


My loyal best friend, always there for me to cheer me up when I was sad, lying by my side when I was sick. He loved everyone he met. I will miss the way you were so happy when I came and chased bunnies. I will cherish all the love you brought into my life and our family, forever grateful for the 13 years of loving memories. Our Jack will be greatly missed.




Nutmeg spent nine long years in a puppy mill before being rescued. She was our little courageous warrior survivor with the kindest soul. We got almost six years with her, to love on her and dote on her, and it wasn’t nearly long enough. She was just the sweetest, gentlest girl, and we miss her dearly.

Alice Mamette Allex

I’ll miss you, my baby girl…ALWAYS.


Chloe, You truly made a difference in so many lives, but especially in ours. We miss you beyond words and are forever grateful for our time together. Rest well.
Cindy & Ron

Opie H.

Love you, Opie San.


My companion and best friend for the last 15 years. Rest easy stinky:)


Cooper C.

Johnny B.

Johnny was the heart of our home and is missed. He was always designated to be in charge when Rex and I left the house.


Reese is an old lady who is dearly missed by her loving family of 12 years. Little Bear will always be the cornerstone of our family. Our hearts will always have a void, until we meet again! Love you Reese.


He adopted me. (Julius-JuJu- Jubear-Jujibones)
One day at a festival in downtown Bluffton.
He sucked me in with his deep brown eyes, powerful yet gentle soul and asked me to take him home. He knew I could help him & he could help me.
I never felt such a strong connection with an animal before. I had no choice but to bring him home he was meant to be with me.

He was disabled when I got him from a broken pelvis, but he got along fine. Two other fosters returned him bc “he was too much.”

I did a ton of Myofascial release therapy on him and acupuncture and got him
Moving better than ever.

Quite the opposite he was a HUGE SPACE holder and lover for my home, work, and ceremony.

I always joked that he was the best listener in the house, I have no idea who trained him, but he inserted himself in our life so easily. He was always just love…not one growl ever out of him…he totally made me fall in love with Pitties…

He became a healer dog….he would hold
Space in my treatment room for years, by my side. I called him my Shaman Dog.
Some sessions he would position himself around the room and help me move energy.

Then a blind black sister cat came along….and well….he sat back and let her take over graciously.

He loved laying in the grass, soaking up the sun, and trying on various hats. He loved playing dress up for Matteo! He loved opening presents too!

His jobs were done…he healed me through some of my toughest moments with nothing but LOVE… now he can chase as many rabbits & deer with all his legs.


Horace Ritzer

Jane Gray Reynolds

Rosie Holden

10-12-2001 to 04-22-2021

Ica Mundt


I miss you everyday Daisy. You were the sweetest girl and had a huge impact on everybody’s life around you. We all love you.

Creed Wheeler


You stole my heart six years ago when you looked over your shoulder at me with those sweet brown eyes. Thank you for being my constant companion. I loved taking care of you and I will miss you.



Dulce, my sweet girl. I still remember the first day I saw you at Longmont Humane Society, with those pretty blue eyes looking right at me. They named you Tinkerblue; but I changed your name to Dulce De Leche because your colors reminded me of my favorite cheesecake. You took great care of me for the past 15 years and my heart is torn into bits to let you go. You were and forever will be my best study buddy.

Jax (Jaxaphine)

Jax, my sweet baby girl. You and I had an unbreakable bond. You gave me 12 wonderful years and I will forever love you and remember you. I still have you with me in spirit and all your precious memories. I picture you now healthy and running happily with all your new friends. You will always have a special place in my heart and others that loved you like me. I miss you MIssy Moo!!!!


Your unique energy and ability to brighten a room will be missed by so many humans and furry friends. Who can resist that sweet smile? You truly loved every single day! Our hearts ache but we know you are free of pain and chasing deer/rabbits/squirrels with God in heaven. Namaste, sweet boy.


Isabell, better known as Izzy, was the sweetest dog we ever knew. We adopted her from a dachshund rescue and she quickly stole our hearts, including our other dachshund Dougie who really needed a friend. We wish we could have had more than a year and ten months with her, but she will remain a part of our hearts for the rest of our days. We miss her SO MUCH, but know she is healthy and happy in heaven and we will all be together again someday. We love you Izzy, rest in peace!


Love that GW


Chase was my special family member. I rescued her from the Western Australian Shepherd Rescue. She loved to play ball when she was not my shadow. A leash was never needed because she constantly stayed by my side. She loved everyone and they loved her. She was the sweetest girl and I miss her dearly.


Nick was part of our lives for 14 1/2 very special years. We miss him deeply.


Lulu was named after a restaurant in Hawaii, she was truly our ohana. She was the first dog my husband and I had after we got married. She was with us when we had our son and she has been our constant travel companion. She loved cheese, french fries, laps, down comforters and snoozing. She enjoyed camping, riding in the car and doing anything together in the yard. Our hearts ache for our puppup, you and your boofing will be missed forever. Good night Lu, we love you.

Thank you Dr. Lisa, for allowing us to say our goodbyes with french fries, laps and yard time. You will always be connected to our hearts.



At 17, Tucker was the oldest dog I ever knew. I got him from the Humane Society when he was 6-8 and he was my shadow for nine years. I really miss him but I’m grateful that with Dr. Burnett‘s help, his passing was peaceful and the best I could have hoped for. I’ll never forget you, Tucker.



My baby boy Jack, I will always love you. You were my soulmate, my companion, and friend. We meant more to one another than the world will ever know. When I look up at the sky at night, I’ll see your shining paw prints in the stars. – Love, Mom.

Serena Joelle

Our beloved Serena. May you chase rainbows and catch butterflies and bark and run until your hearts content. We can’t wait to see you again, love Mommy, Tyler and Steve


Words cannot explain how much sweet Daisy is missed by her family. She was loved so very much!


Axle was drug detection and personal protection dog who LOVED to swim and chase the floating toys when not working


Ginger was such a sweet part of our family – she will be missed!

Mary Pruett


My sweet Sophie. We loved you the moment you came home to us. I miss you everyday. I never knew how much your presence changed me until it was gone. I want to believe your still with us in someway. You were my dog, my rock, my safety, my best friend. Thank you for being mine.




Thunder was a wonderful pet and member of our family for 15 wonderful yrs he was such a gentle boy especially around my granddaughters he is greatly missed by us all


Macy Gray

Our sweet little Miss Macy Gray went to Doggie Heaven. She was truly a fighter as she pushed on for 9 more months than was expected and for a little dog, that was amazing and we are forever grateful for the extra time.
She was purposely spoiled and went everywhere with us within the U. S., traveled more than most people, and gave us more ❤ love as well. We love her and miss her and are a little bit lost without her💕
We truly enjoyed our time with her here on earth❣


Rusty came to us as a stray but fit right in with the crew – he is forever in our hearts


Matt was such a loyal companion – gone too soon! We miss him so much


Sweet, loving Toby – missed by all his family


Bailey, our 15 1/2 years with you seem so short. This past month and a half without you have been very sad and lonely. We all miss you so much. Our hearts will never be the same. Every little noise we hear we automatically think you’re coming in or letting yourself out to lay in the sunshine. We Love you little princess. Til we see each other again. We LOVE you!!


ShyAnn was the best Soulmate I will have ever had in my lifetime. She was with me through the happy and not so happy times. She knew me so well that she responded to me if I was joyful and excited, if I was sad and emotional, she instinctively always knew what I needed. It was an honor to be able to share her life together for thirteen plus years. I love you, ShyAnn!


Feather brought us joy from the moment we saw her. It was such a privilege to have her in our lives. She loved her 4:30 am walks, her daily chew bone, giving the squirrels in our backyard the business and being pet by all her peeps. She didn’t have a favorite person; she adored us all equally, and her unconditional love was immeasurable. She was pure sweetness.


The end of an extraordinary era. 18 years with Charlie will never feel long enough but what a life he lived. He was the best boy with the best hugs. We will miss him dearly and often.


Nellie was quite the cat! She was spunky and fearless; probably used all of her 9 lives in her early years. People always got a giggle when she would follow us on our dog walks. She was our shadow for many precious years and we miss her dearly! I’m at peace knowing that she is no longer in pain. I’m hoping she’s been reunited with her favorite buddy, Zoe.

George Davis

George, you were a stray that wormed your way into our hearts. You gave us 10+ years of laughs. You will be missed, but now you can run free and chase the bunnies.


You took a piece of me when you had to leave Lily, there is a void in my heart that will never be filled. You were the toughest, fiercest, not afraid of anything dog ever! For 19 years you gave us every bit of your 8 lbs and I am grateful for you. Thank you for being your unique self, for unconditionally loving all of us, and for making me feel special in your life. Please wait patiently for me and I promise I will hold you in my arms once again. Till then, know that I carry you in my heart every minute of every day. I love you Little One.


We miss our blue-eyed girl. We love you Lucy!


Sophie you were the very best friend, companion, buddy, comforter and snuggler. Our hearts have a Sophie sized hole that will never be refilled. Thank you for 15 years of love, sweet girl.


You were the best girl Jessie. We miss you and will always love you.

Hunny Nyman


My sweet baby Skye beans, I miss you beyond words can describe. You were my first love, my best friend, and my soulmate. I spent months searching for the right dog for me, and when I met you, I knew that we needed each other. I rescued you but you rescued me more than you’ll ever know. You brought me out of my deep pit of depression and anxiety, you taught me so much patience and compassion and showed me what a true companion is. I miss hand-feeding you because you didn’t want to eat on your own once but then became hooked on hand-feeding, and I am thankful for every time I fed you because I got those moments where I could just admire you completely. You were the gentlest hippo, and best dog a girl could ask for. I love you forever my Skye beans.


Rex was our absolute best friend, our first baby, and our whole world. We rescued him on March 15, 2016, a day after moving to the state of CO. We spent the next six years together creating the best memories, he was a mountain dog through and through. We camped and hiked together nearly every weekend, his favorite mountain spot is in the beautiful Rawah’s.

Rex was always happy as long as he was with us, his joy was contagious, and got us through some of the hardest times of our lives. We bought a property in the mountains and named it the “Rex Ranch” where he lived out the last two years of his life roaming around our land.

Rex passed away on the morning of August 12, 2022. We miss our baby boy terribly already, life is very quiet now. Six years doesn’t feel long enough, but no amount of time would ever feel long enough with Rex. He was such a light, the most beautiful dog with the biggest, kindest heart. Fly free our sweet luck dragon, until we meet again.


Rocky our sweet angel. Love you forever!




Buddy was such a huge part of our family. He was everybody’s friend and got along with all. There is an empty spot in our hearts now, and we will always carry our love for him. our best friend!!


Elliott L.


Lady D.

Lady was the best kitty. She was very friendly and sweet and loved belly rubs. She loved to play and would go crazy over the smell of popcorn. We miss her so much and the organization is not the same without her. RIP Widdle Wady

Kiko Hughes

His body finally failed,
but his heart never did.
His love will light
Heaven as he
plays in God’s

Sofi B.

Thank you Sofi. I would’ve been lost without you.
Thank you for being my strength when I had none.
Thank you for bringing light, joy and laughter into the darkest of days.
Thank you for being my rock in sickness and my best adventure buddy in health.
Thank you for being everything to me.
In this life or the next I’ll find you again. I love you more than life itself, my sweet Sofi girl. Just keep swimming. I’ll love you forever and a day.



My sweet little Boo-bear. You were the best friend I never knew I needed until you came along. No amount of time was enough time with you. Thank you for the the endless amount of love.

Bella C.

Waiting at the Door
(Dog Poem)
I was just a pup when we first met,
I loved you from the start,
You picked me up and took me home
and placed me in your heart.

Good times we had together,
we shared all life could throw,
but years passed all too quickly,
my time has come to go.

I know how much you miss me,
I know your heart is sore,
I see the tears that fall when
I’m not Waiting at the Door.

You always did your best for me
your love was plain to see,
for even though it broke your heart
You set my spirit free.

So please be brave without me,
one day we’ll meet once more,
for when you’re called to Heaven
I’ll be Waiting at the Door.

I’m pretty sure this is what our sweet girl was thinking when we had to say farewell. We know you’ll wait for us on the other side. We miss you, Muttley . . . Mom, Dad and your boy Brandon


Julio Lancaster

Julio was my best friend for 19 years. I found him as a little stray kitten many years ago in Georgia and he immediately took a place in my heart. He had the most amazing green eyes and softest fur of any kitty I’ve ever known! He was also the sweetest lap kitty, curling up next to me and following me wherever I went. Through life’s ups and downs, he was there for me, a constant friend and comfort to me through grief, happiness, good times, and the birth of my child, and a cross-country trip all the way to Wyoming! He was very perceptive to my moods and feelings, quietly comforting me and loving me as my tears fell upon his fur during sad times. He never met a stranger, becoming friends with anyone who walked through my door, he loved to be petted by everyone! I thought he would live forever, but unfortunately my sweet friend developed kidney disease and began a slow decline over the last couple of years. He was in pain and not feeling well the majority of the time, and began howling at night due to pain and dementia. I made the impossible decision to have him put to sleep and words cannot express the loss and grief I feel as my heart is breaking into a million pieces missing my best friend. But I will be forever grateful for Dr. Lisa and her wonderful in-home service making the difficult process a little easier. Julio was able to pass away in his home environment and he is no longer suffering. The pain of losing him is almost unbearable, but I take peace in knowing he was well-loved and no longer in pain. Thank you Western Skies and Dr. Lisa for your kindness and compassion.

Asia S.

Maggie Mae

Maggie Mae

Maggie was my best friend. Always loyal. Always obedient. I will miss her forever. I lost more than a dog. But I look back and realize how blessed I was to have been able to spend her life with her. Love you always Jeep Dawg. Thanks for the memories!!



If love could have saved our dear Bailey, she would have lived forever as we loved her with our whole heart! She may be gone but will live forever in our hearts!


Our best boy – We will love and miss you forever.


I love you in a place where there’s no space or time. I love you for my life, you are a friend of mine. And when my life is over remember when we were together. We were alone and I was singing this song to you.


Baby girl, you will forever be in our hearts, thoughts, and lives. We are so much better for having known you, and your paw prints are forever imprinted upon our hearts and souls. We love you and miss you like crazy. We know that you will always be with us. You have us so much love, loyalty, and happiness, and you were our best best friend. Run free, Vix. Until we meet again, our sweet girl.


Such a sweet boy. We have no idea what his first years were like because he came from a rescue as an owner surrender, but he was afraid of other dogs (with three notable exceptions, including the Border collie we had when he arrived). We helped him calm those fears, although they never completely vanished.
At home, he was the most relaxed and companionable fellow. He loved his walks (we protected him from other canines), napping with us, rolling on his back in the yard whether it was grass- or snow-filled. He didn’t quite understand playing. He did understand chasing cats (rabbits were boring) and basking in the sun.

Thanks for hanging out with us for so long, Tam. We miss you enormously.

Tinker Perkins

Tinker was a true friend and family member to us for 20 years. We will love her always!

Hero N.


I was just a pup when we first met,
I loved you from the start,
You picked me up and took me home and placed me in your heart.
Good times we had together,
We shared all life could throw,
but years passed all too quickly,
My time has come to go.
I know how much you miss me,
I know your heart is sore,
I see the tears that fall when I’m not waiting at the door.
You always did your best for me,
Your love was plain to see,
For even though it broke your heart
you set my spirit free.
So please be brave without me,
One day we’ll meet once more,
For when you’re called to Heaven,
I’ll be waiting at the door. ❤

Zoe McGovern

Scooter McGovern


You have always been my protector, now you are my guardian angel. You were loved everyday and not a day will go by that you won’t be in thoughts.


Krutzy W.

Bella Luna

Bella Luna,
You made our lives so much happier and we love you so much mama. Rest easy baby. Say hi to Tatiana and Diego!


Angelina was the sweetest dog. We got to have her in our lives for 15 and a half years. Me miss her so much as well as the other dogs that notice her presence is gone.

She got to travel with us and go on many adventures, such as boating, camping, hiking and swimming. She loved her walks and her treats. She always had lots of kisses to give and was a tough girl all the way to her very last breath.


When I picked you as a 6 wk old puppy at a rescue I knew you would be my baby. 13 yr and you were my sweet, beautiful girl. Time goes so quickly, a blink of an eye and it was time for you to go. I will see you again…I love you forever


You graced me with 19 years of love and companionship. You were the only one there for me through the lowest points of my life, through my biggest struggles…as well as many, many great times too. I miss you chasing your toy mice around and the way you would greet me when I got home. My head is cold at night because you’re not there, sleeping above it. We all miss you more than you will ever know. I hope you have found your heaven of blanket forts and whipped cream treats. Our love be with you always. Be at peace, ever more 💖

Sammy Adams

Thank you, Sammy, for sharing 21+ years of your amazing life with me. You were truly a once-in-a-lifetime gift and I was blessed you chose to share your life with me. Although my heart is broken, I will see you and Jim again one day. Love you to the moon and back! “When you are sorrowful look again in your heart, and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight…for joy and sorrow are inseparable.” (Kahlil Gibran, “The Prophet”)

Casey Z.

Oscar K.


You were a once in a lifetime dog that meant so much to so many. 15 1/2 years of camping, hiking, walking the river trails, going to the farm and running with Lady, being best pals with Caleb…we were so blessed. I have never heard of another dog that meant so much to two unrelated families that a holiday schedule and play dates that were “days” to guarantee Charlie-time had to be created. Our hearts are broken, but we will see you on the rainbow bridge.
“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” Anatole France


Thank you for the 17 wonderful years of friendship and love you gave us! Your presence and energy was woven into the very fabric of our family – from morning through night. Your unconditional love, excitement to greet us, running like a puppy when it was time for dinner and your endless furry snuggles are missed greatly! There’s an emptiness all around us without you in our home. We love you and miss you so much sweet Alfie. May your vision be clear, your hearing be sharp and your legs be strong to run and play with your friends in heaven. Your loving family, Karen, Calvin, Andrew and Angelina XOXOXOXO

Cowboy Harvey


The best soul I will ever know. He gave us 19 years of pure love. He was my happy place and my best friend. Everyone who knew him adored him. I was honored to be his mom. Take care of my baby, God.


To the sweetest girl EVER❤ We didn’t have much time together, but I know you had a WONDERFUL LIFE here with me in Colorado. Texas was where your life started and was not kind to you. I saw your picture on a shelter site where your time was almost up and knew I had TO SAVE you. You looked so sad and dejected. Well, I got my wish and saved your PRECIOUS LIFE and you came to me so NEEDY, but loving. You adjusted to the HIGH LIFE immediately and we spent hours going for walks and daily car rides, just to see the world😊😊 You had to leave way too soon as your time spent here with me was short. Rest in peace my PRECIOUS LILY. Until we meet again, run free of pain with all my other BABIES WHO were there to welcome you home. Always in my Heart, SWEET LILY, MY ANGEL😘😘😘❤❤❤🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾

Eva “Daniel”

Eva- the girl with so much personality and spunk. Sassy until the end. Bringing smiles to all around you. Boofing all the while. No more seizures my girl! A fighter!


“How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.”

– Winnie-the-Pooh


Daisy May – 11/2/2007 – 1/9/2021

We are heartbroken. You were the most wonderful and much-loved member of our little family. Thank you for teaching us unconditional love and we miss you tremendously.

We hope you doing what you loved the most…swimming.

Love you always!

Thank you Dr. Burnett for your compassion and for allowing us to share our many memories.


Berkeley the Boxer. We never imagined a dog could come to take on such a human like figure and she quickly became the center of attention. Everyone she met loved her instantly and she was one adventurous pup. Some of her favorite activities included chasing me on my mountain bike, taking it easy while floating rivers on the paddle board, lounging on the couch like a human, soaking up the sun with her mom, wigglin’ her goofy butt and being happy, and chasing squirrels all day long. We will miss you greatly. RIP girl


In memory of our sweet, goofy, happy Maggie. Forever in our hearts.



She purred herself to sleep

Lucy Lu


Clyde McCoy

Mr. Clyde will forever be loved and missed! ♥


Gone but never forgotten, will always be in our hearts. The Vooman was a special boy that left his mark on our lives.


My sweet, kind hearted boy. Your precious company and soothing snuggles will be missed. Thank you for sharing your life with us. Until we meet again my friend, I love you.




The greatest pup we could’ve ever hoped for! We were so blessed to have him in our family.



Patches was my best friend. I miss him so much already,but i know hes no longer in pain. I grew up with him and he was the best dog ever. We did everything together he would always listen to me when i was down or upset, we played together he loved on my baby boy when i was pregnant and after my son was born. He was the sweetest dog that everyone loved. R.I.P. Patches i love you so much. At least you took the treat to doggy heaven with you.


I lived in a lot of different places over the years Syd and I were together. I once lived in an apartment building where the floors surrounded a central courtyard. All the apartment entrances looked the same, with identical doors and windows. Each evening, Syd would go out and explore, and then jump up into the window sill when she was ready to come back in. Sometimes she miscalculated by a floor above or below, but it was amazing how often she managed to get it right. When I got married, Syd became not just mine, but ours, and this house became Syd’s permanent home for the last half of her life. Here she had staircases to race up and down, a favorite chair beside the window to sleep in, lots of rooms with sunspots to lie in, and a back yard she never grew tired of exploring. R.I.P. Sydney, a great companion for 20 years.


To Cleo, our little Red dog: Our time was too short, but know how very much you are loved. Our lives are deeply enriched because of you…your life lessons will last a lifetime. Tackle life with your tail held high in the air; be cute and ask nicely, persistently, but nicely; be sure to voice your opinion, no one will hear you if you don’t; and never ever forget to stop and sniff all the sniffs! Every. Single. Sniff. We love you, Red. Forever and always, Mom and Dad


Ladybird is missed by her entire family – humans and furry ones


Sweet boy Tanq! You were the gentlest and sweetest little soul. You gave us 12 beautiful, happy, loving years. You taught us the importance of taking naps, digging holes in the backyard is the best type of fun, and always take snacks when offered. We miss your gentle snoring at night, the beautiful drool art that you would put on the walls and ceiling, and your sweet self lumbering through the house asking for snuggles and chest scratchies. We will miss you more than you could ever know but thank you for enriching our lives. Love you, little guy, forever!


Loyal. Loving. Loved. Rupert.

Chloe and Bear Burdick


Farewell, Chloe, luckiest barn cat ever! Healer, friend, dear companion, you are loved and missed–by everyone but Dot. 2010-2023


16 1/2 years you were with us! Our hearts are broken but we are so Thankful that we were blessed to be your family! Our lives are so much better because of you💞 we miss you each and every day!




Rosa (Rosie) May Aster. April 17, 2007 to August 27, 2020. Rose loved all water, all tennis balls, and all people



Dewey ~
Handstand-pee-er; circus dog; mini sheriff; monogamously in love with his green stuffy; cuddly; defended the fort against all unknown dogs; barked like he’d been smoking for 30 years; appreciative of sunshine, warm laundry & fire in the fireplace on a cold night; demanding; bossy; my larger than life little companion for 13 years, rest well furry friend. ❤


One day on my lunch break in Safety Harbor Florida. I walked across the street to the humane society just to take a look at the dogs. I had no idea that my life would change for the better that April day in 2006. My best friend Jay was in the shelter because he had been abandoned and left for dead. When I got to his cage he jumped up in the gate and started to nibble on my finger I knew then that he picked me because he knew I needed him just as bad as he needed me. I took him home that day. Jay moved out of Florida with me and then became my traveling partner. He has been with me for all of my work adventures all over the states. He was so good with little kids and absolutely loved puppies. I had to lay him to rest in May. He may be gone but never forgotten. I love you buddy.


Dozzer McCune – We will love our boy forever.

Kuai Le

Kuai Le sweetly squirmed into our hearts from the moment she was placed in Dad’s arms. Her name means “happy” in Chinese because Mom and her oldest human sister were in China when her other two human sisters convinced Dad that a Great Dane puppy would be a great gift for Mom. Kuai Le grew, and grew, to 120 pounds of love, curiosity, and joy for life. Her best friend and inseparable sister Doodles was a 16 pound mutt – what a pair they were! Dad remembers the simple life, taking Kuai Le on a walk through a snowy path and only worrying about a squirrel on the trail. We are grateful she made it to age 9, and that we had 10 months with her after her cancer diagnosis. Kuai Le was as sweet and kind as she was majestic. We miss her every day.



In 3 years he kept us on our toes in 4 different homes. Gone too soon, we will miss you everyday Oscar. We love you buddy!


My sweetheart – you are so missed! You were such a wonderful friend

Cinn Bear

This girl, pure and simple, was a joy. Sweet, dependable, devoted, smart. She enjoyed doing anything you wanted to throw her way, as long as you were part of it. She taught me so much throughout her entire life. We were lucky enough to have been able to share a good long life with her. She will be forever missed . . .


Cheyenne Marie Jones May 18, 2009 – June 9, 2020

“Every once in a while a dog enters your life AND CHANGES EVERYTHING.” This was true with my Cheyenne love! I am grateful that I had the pleasure of taking care of her for 11 years! She was my constant companion and she touched my heart like no other…
Her unconditional love, compassion, playfulness, sense of adventure, and JOY were wonderful! She liked other dogs, but she loved people. I met so many great people along the way all because of Cheyenne greeting them in her own way. It wasn’t a bark, it was more of an ar, ra, ra, ra, ra… sometimes with a little twirl on the end. It really sounded like she was talking! (We never got to hear that sweet greeting after her surgery on April 9th. We didn’t even know she was ill until that day with her GI lymphoma dx.) She still had a cute faint bark though and still wagged that tail!

She always brought a smile to everyone’s face. She had the best personality!!! She was such a good girl and we both loved her deeply. Our hearts hurt beyond words and we are still in shock that she is gone. We were looking ahead to all of the new adventures with her in the travel trailer! We kept telling her how much we loved her and living life with her. It was hard to say goodbye and let go… She was my love.


Our Buddy, gone too soon. He will always be in our hearts and will never be forgotten. So sweet, loyal and the very best boy…Finally catching bad squirrels
– The Morris Family


My sweet little girl is missed so much, but she will always live on in my heart.


Koya was born and raised in Colorado before moving east! He loved the snow and the water! He was such a stubborn boy but so full of love! He lived to the great age of 14 years and is missed everyday!

Kolbie Kolberson

Oh, Miss Kolbie, we’ll miss you so much. Seven years was not enough time with you. So sweet and funny, the goodest of good girls. We will always love you and carry you in our hearts. Rest well, my love.

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