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October 2020 Memorials

Forever in our hearts!

Nani Tobin
Serengeti Crandall
Sam Pilcher
Naudia Hydinger
Maddie Hilt
Peanut Kubler
Jet Lee
Roco Von Roco Palmer-Yordon
Tazi Ewing
Winter Gaines
Bella Benjamin
Piper McCormac
Nick Connors
Happy Smith
Kevin Van Pelt
Bandit Fanning
Brody Willis
Cosmo Kramer Hirsch
Chase Curry
Sunny Jaques
Bear Woods
Goose Meyer




My sweetheart – you are so missed! You were such a wonderful friend



Fifteen years is not long enough. We miss you so much, Jack.


We miss our girl more than words can say, she was truly our best and loyal friend!

Cinn Bear

This girl, pure and simple, was a joy. Sweet, dependable, devoted, smart. She enjoyed doing anything you wanted to throw her way, as long as you were part of it. She taught me so much throughout her entire life. We were lucky enough to have been able to share a good long life with her. She will be forever missed . . .


Thunder was a wonderful pet and member of our family for 15 wonderful yrs he was such a gentle boy especially around my granddaughters he is greatly missed by us all

Fannie Mae

Fannie Mae was one of the most amazing dogs. We will miss her all the days of our lives.



Cheyenne Marie Jones May 18, 2009 – June 9, 2020

“Every once in a while a dog enters your life AND CHANGES EVERYTHING.” This was true with my Cheyenne love! I am grateful that I had the pleasure of taking care of her for 11 years! She was my constant companion and she touched my heart like no other…
Her unconditional love, compassion, playfulness, sense of adventure, and JOY were wonderful! She liked other dogs, but she loved people. I met so many great people along the way all because of Cheyenne greeting them in her own way. It wasn’t a bark, it was more of an ar, ra, ra, ra, ra… sometimes with a little twirl on the end. It really sounded like she was talking! (We never got to hear that sweet greeting after her surgery on April 9th. We didn’t even know she was ill until that day with her GI lymphoma dx.) She still had a cute faint bark though and still wagged that tail!

She always brought a smile to everyone’s face. She had the best personality!!! She was such a good girl and we both loved her deeply. Our hearts hurt beyond words and we are still in shock that she is gone. We were looking ahead to all of the new adventures with her in the travel trailer! We kept telling her how much we loved her and living life with her. It was hard to say goodbye and let go… She was my love.


Boomer the Dog… a member of our family for more than 12 years. Always his own dog, but a really good dog. We love and miss him.

Macy Gray

Our sweet little Miss Macy Gray went to Doggie Heaven. She was truly a fighter as she pushed on for 9 more months than was expected and for a little dog, that was amazing and we are forever grateful for the extra time.
She was purposely spoiled and went everywhere with us within the U. S., traveled more than most people, and gave us more ❤ love as well. We love her and miss her and are a little bit lost without her💕
We truly enjoyed our time with her here on earth❣


We all miss Lygon but cherish the time we had together. She was adventurous, sweet, and a little naughty too. Have fun on the moon, Lygs!


Sweet Lucy – a best friend – missed by her entire family.


Our Buddy, gone too soon. He will always be in our hearts and will never be forgotten. So sweet, loyal and the very best boy…Finally catching bad squirrels
– The Morris Family


Ladybird is missed by her entire family – humans and furry ones


Lulu was named after a restaurant in Hawaii, she was truly our ohana. She was the first dog my husband and I had after we got married. She was with us when we had our son and she has been our constant travel companion. She loved cheese, french fries, laps, down comforters and snoozing. She enjoyed camping, riding in the car and doing anything together in the yard. Our hearts ache for our puppup, you and your boofing will be missed forever. Good night Lu, we love you.

Thank you Dr. Lisa, for allowing us to say our goodbyes with french fries, laps and yard time. You will always be connected to our hearts.


16 1/2 years you were with us! Our hearts are broken but we are so Thankful that we were blessed to be your family! Our lives are so much better because of you💞 we miss you each and every day!




Rosa (Rosie) May Aster. April 17, 2007 to August 27, 2020. Rose loved all water, all tennis balls, and all people



At 17, Tucker was the oldest dog I ever knew. I got him from the Humane Society when he was 6-8 and he was my shadow for nine years. I really miss him but I’m grateful that with Dr. Burnett‘s help, his passing was peaceful and the best I could have hoped for. I’ll never forget you, Tucker.




Dewey ~
Handstand-pee-er; circus dog; mini sheriff; monogamously in love with his green stuffy; cuddly; defended the fort against all unknown dogs; barked like he’d been smoking for 30 years; appreciative of sunshine, warm laundry & fire in the fireplace on a cold night; demanding; bossy; my larger than life little companion for 13 years, rest well furry friend. ❤


One day on my lunch break in Safety Harbor Florida. I walked across the street to the humane society just to take a look at the dogs. I had no idea that my life would change for the better that April day in 2006. My best friend Jay was in the shelter because he had been abandoned and left for dead. When I got to his cage he jumped up in the gate and started to nibble on my finger I knew then that he picked me because he knew I needed him just as bad as he needed me. I took him home that day. Jay moved out of Florida with me and then became my traveling partner. He has been with me for all of my work adventures all over the states. He was so good with little kids and absolutely loved puppies. I had to lay him to rest in May. He may be gone but never forgotten. I love you buddy.


My baby boy Jack, I will always love you. You were my soulmate, my companion, and friend. We meant more to one another than the world will ever know. When I look up at the sky at night, I’ll see your shining paw prints in the stars. – Love, Mom.

Serena Joelle

Our beloved Serena. May you chase rainbows and catch butterflies and bark and run until your hearts content. We can’t wait to see you again, love Mommy, Tyler and Steve


Words cannot explain how much sweet Daisy is missed by her family. She was loved so very much!


Dozzer McCune – We will love our boy forever.


Axle was drug detection and personal protection dog who LOVED to swim and chase the floating toys when not working


Ginger was such a sweet part of our family – she will be missed!


Rusty came to us as a stray but fit right in with the crew – he is forever in our hearts


She purred herself to sleep

Lucy Lu


Clyde McCoy

Mr. Clyde will forever be loved and missed! ♥


Gone but never forgotten, will always be in our hearts. The Vooman was a special boy that left his mark on our lives.


My sweet, kind hearted boy. Your precious company and soothing snuggles will be missed. Thank you for sharing your life with us. Until we meet again my friend, I love you.




The greatest pup we could’ve ever hoped for! We were so blessed to have him in our family.



Patches was my best friend. I miss him so much already,but i know hes no longer in pain. I grew up with him and he was the best dog ever. We did everything together he would always listen to me when i was down or upset, we played together he loved on my baby boy when i was pregnant and after my son was born. He was the sweetest dog that everyone loved. R.I.P. Patches i love you so much. At least you took the treat to doggy heaven with you.


I lived in a lot of different places over the years Syd and I were together. I once lived in an apartment building where the floors surrounded a central courtyard. All the apartment entrances looked the same, with identical doors and windows. Each evening, Syd would go out and explore, and then jump up into the window sill when she was ready to come back in. Sometimes she miscalculated by a floor above or below, but it was amazing how often she managed to get it right. When I got married, Syd became not just mine, but ours, and this house became Syd’s permanent home for the last half of her life. Here she had staircases to race up and down, a favorite chair beside the window to sleep in, lots of rooms with sunspots to lie in, and a back yard she never grew tired of exploring. R.I.P. Sydney, a great companion for 20 years.



Sweet, loving Toby – missed by all his family

Kuai Le

Kuai Le sweetly squirmed into our hearts from the moment she was placed in Dad’s arms. Her name means “happy” in Chinese because Mom and her oldest human sister were in China when her other two human sisters convinced Dad that a Great Dane puppy would be a great gift for Mom. Kuai Le grew, and grew, to 120 pounds of love, curiosity, and joy for life. Her best friend and inseparable sister Doodles was a 16 pound mutt – what a pair they were! Dad remembers the simple life, taking Kuai Le on a walk through a snowy path and only worrying about a squirrel on the trail. We are grateful she made it to age 9, and that we had 10 months with her after her cancer diagnosis. Kuai Le was as sweet and kind as she was majestic. We miss her every day.


To Cleo, our little Red dog: Our time was too short, but know how very much you are loved. Our lives are deeply enriched because of you…your life lessons will last a lifetime. Tackle life with your tail held high in the air; be cute and ask nicely, persistently, but nicely; be sure to voice your opinion, no one will hear you if you don’t; and never ever forget to stop and sniff all the sniffs! Every. Single. Sniff. We love you, Red. Forever and always, Mom and Dad


Koya was born and raised in Colorado before moving east! He loved the snow and the water! He was such a stubborn boy but so full of love! He lived to the great age of 14 years and is missed everyday!


Matt was such a loyal companion – gone too soon! We miss him so much


Loyal. Loving. Loved. Rupert.


My sweet little girl is missed so much, but she will always live on in my heart.

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